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Graphics Terminology

Graphic Design Terminology


The bleed area is not seen in the end product but is used in the finishing process. Bleeds, as indicated on our templates based on item ordering. The bleed should be either the color or image that is being used as a background extended into the bleed area. This ensures there will be no white edges on the final pieces. Please do not put important elements such as text or logos in the bleed area.


DPI stands for Dots per Inches. PPI stands for Pixels per Inches. Although they are very similar, DPI refers to the physical print quality. While PPI refers to the pixels for digital devices from monitors, smart phones, image scanners, etc.


The process of checking files and making sure they are setup correctly to the requirements needed for print production.

Outline Fonts

This is a design program function live text is converted into outlines or smart objects based on program being used. This prevents font shifts and errors when processing the graphic. If you there are any questions on how to do this please contact our graphics department.

PMS Color

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. It’s a system of colors that are used to keep critical colors consistent regardless of the printer. We use the Pantone Coated book per our printers requirements.

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Stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). This is the printing format we use, as well as the vast majority of the printing industry for large format. We cannot guarantee the colors will be an exact match given they are subjective to previous prints, time and ink changes on the printer. Any critical colors should be a Pantone color.


The RGB color system stands for Red, Green and Blue. The colors in this system are very vibrant but the system is for digital applications. Files submitted in this format will automatically be converted to CMYK.

Vector Graphic

A vector graphic is based on a point system used by various design programs (Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, InDesign, etc.). A vector graphic design is based on this point system, making it scale-able to any size without losing its clarity. Vector graphics are not resolution dependent.

Raster Graphic

A raster graphic or image is resolution dependent, meaning they can only be scaled so big before they lose their clarity, quality, and pixilation will occur. A raster image can be a photo, rendering, illustration, etc.

Turn Time

Turn time starts when art is received and will start over if new art is submitted. Our process starts once we receive files > review art > proof > approval > production. Proofs will take 1-2 business days, and once the proofs are approved print production will start.  Our turn times do not include shipping transit time. 

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