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Electronic Counter RS232 Serial Display

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8" RS232 or RS422/485/Ethernet/Modem Serial Input Counter


RS232 OR RS422/485/Ethernet/Modem controllable Bar Segment, Dot Matrix Counter
Select from 64 Addresses and 9 Baud rates
Standard ASCII Protocol
Multi-drop networking
Large Red, Amber, or Green LEDs (Red standard)
4 - 16 digits available (4 digits standard)
Rugged Aluminum enclosure
120vac @ 60 hz., 6 ft. line cord
Terminal block provided for wiring
Wireless available

A 4-digit model that receives either an RS232 or RS422/RS485 serial data signal from a PC/PLC
scale or other device which transmits a typical ASCII serial data string. Accessible dip-switches allow
for data type (RS232 or RS422/485), address, baud rate, parity and data bit selection.


Variable baud rates: The user can specify the baud rate for the data string sent. Dip-switches
enable easy selection between 600/1200/2400/4800/9600 BPS.

Addressable: The user can specify the two-digit address of one or multiple displays. Addresses
range from “00” (general broadcast) to “64” and from 0 to 256 - 3 digit addressing.

Number of Digits: The standard is four digits. The option for 1 to 16 digits in length is available.

Character options: The unit will display a decimal point or a negative sign in any position simply by
adding it to the data string. Also, the option to blank the unit is provided.



Scale Output
Machine Status
Assembly Line Status


Employee Motivation



Two-Wire From PC/PLC/driving device into a Terminal Block
Ethernet (RJ45 Connector)
Typical 128 character ASCII code
Baud rate selectable –600/1200/2400/4800/9600 BPS
98 unique addresses
Data bit selectable – 7 or 8 (standard)
Optional fixed decimal point /Floating decimal point (standard)
Data types received: RS232, RS422/RS485, LAN/Ethernet, TTL, Current loop, Modem


Operating Temp: 32° to 120°F


Power Source: 120 VAC @ 60 HZ
Power Consumption: Max. 20 Watts
Current Draw: Typical 900mA
Power Cord: 6 ft


Construction:  Extruded Aluminum
Mounting:  Two 1/4x20 Hex Bolts
Designed to be installed and viewed indoors
Operating Environment: 32 to 120 Degrees (0 to 49 Degress C) / 0 to 95% Humidity
Dimensions: 36"L x 11.4"H x 3.0"D
Weight: Approx. 25 lbs.
Number of Digits: 4
Character Height: 8"
Viewing Distance: Up to 400'
LED color/Acrylic Face: Red (Amber/Green available)
LED Intensity: 10 MCD High-Intensity Discrete LEDS
UL Listed power supply: Yes
Enclosure: Black Extruded Aluminum NEMA 1 Rated / NEMA 12 Optional
Warranty: 1 Year Factory Service
MPN: ED800D-111-4D-N1