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Promotional Flag Accessories, Flag Bases and Flag Holders

Flag Mounts 0, 30, or 90 Degrees for Popup Canopy TentsOur Feather Flag Holders are great for displaying your flags with pride! A ball bearing spindle is welded on the front plate, allowing the flag to sway in the wind. Fits square and hexagonal tent legs. Our flag banner holders conveniently come w..
Cross Base for Feather Flag, Teardrop Flag or Mamba Flag *** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Warranty on Hardware Features and Benefits:Added stability for Teardrop, Feather, Sunbird, Falcon and Mamba flag banners Made of strong chrome-plated steel material Cr..
X-Base for Hard Surfaces - Fits all Falcon & Sunbird Flags - Base onlyThis Falcon X-Base is four-pronged and made of steel. Simply slip the bottom pole of the Falcon banner stand into this sturdy cross base to display your flags on any hard surfaces. Can be used indoors or outside and fits all F..
Feather Flag Holder for Casita Canopy TentPop up canopy tent banner attachments enable you to add flag banners to canopy tents. Specifications:Length: 7.75" Hole: 1" diameter Holds 10' Feather flags Flag sold seperatelyRelated Products:Flag Banners..
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Spike Base for Teardrop Flag, Feather Flag, and Mamba Flag*** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Warranty on HardwareFeatures and Benefits:Used for outdoor placement of Teardrop, Feather, Sunbird, and Mamba flag banners (not Falcon)Made of chrome plated steel to prevent bendingSpike is s..
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Water Bag for Cross Base Flag Stand*** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Warranty on HardwareSpecifications: Used on top of cross bases Holds approximately 2.5 gallons of water Weights around 25 lbs when filledWater bags are specially designed to add extra weight to flag's cross bases...
Water Base for Teardrop Flag, Feather Flag and Mamba Flag Banners*** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Warranty on HardwareFeatures and Benefits:Adds weight to flag banners for indoor or outdoor use in high traffic areas like retail storesFits all Teardrop, Feather and Mamba flag banners Base is easy to fill..
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