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Graphic Design Services, Trade Show Display Designs

1/2 Hour of Graphic Design ServicePlease request an estimate prior to checkout1/2-hour Simple Graphic Layout OnlySimple layout from customer sketch or specific directionCustomer supplied vector logoCustomer supplied headline or tag-line onlyOne color background, standard colorOne creative edit only ..
1 Hour of Graphic Design Service Click here for art requirements for printing..
Convert Low Resolution Pixilated Fuzzy Images to Sharp Vector Images That Can Be Enlarged to Any Size! We take your poor quality images and convert them manually to vector art. We can provide and receive any format. Converting to vector graphics enable you to take an image or logo from your website..
QR Code for BannersOne of the graphic design services we offer is to generate your QR code, resize it, and place it on your banner. QR codes help potential clients find you more quickly and easily by clicking a link right on your display, links can be accessed by any smart phone. QR landing page..
PMS Color Match Service for Critical Colors NOTE: THIS IS A SERVICE NOT A PHYSICAL ITEM Critical color correct CMYK colors to match as closely as possible to PMS color specified. This item is not physical and should only be ordered if you are purchasing a graphic that needs color matching. All c..
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