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Truss Setup Video

Truss System Booth Set up Video

Setup Could Not Be Easier! Simply Twist and Lock, NO TOOLS required!
Truss frames feature specially designed connectors that are strong. secure, and simple to use.

Truss Features & Benefits

  • Twist and lock assembly, NO TOOLS required!
  • Specially designed truss connectors are strong. secure, and simple to use.
  • Truss Displays can be setup as a different truss exhibit using the same parts!
  • Truss Booths can be re-configured to meet your marketing display needs
  • Truss System Frames are In Stock, off the shelf and ready to ship!
  • Heavy Duty steel construction.

5 Year Warranty on Truss Hardware!

Truss system booths can be reconfigured in multiple ways using the same parts. Each truss exhibit comes complete with all the parts, fixtures and fittings you need to create a successful exhibit, including low voltage spotlights and adjustable tabletops. With our advanced innovative engineering our units make low pricing a priority while offering heavy duty superior quality, for long lasting value and return on investment. All our truss kits can be upgraded to meet your marketing display needs by simply adding new parts.

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