EZ Tube Display Booth Walls
EZ Tube Display Booth Walls

EZ Tube Trade Show Booth Wall Systems

The wall box booth is a graphic wall that acts as a booth divider. The custom printed banners have a smooth taut surface for advertising your business. The stretch banners surround the entire frame to create a soft, seamless and professional look. This style of display can be used vertically stretching tall like a tower, or horizontally as a barrier wall system! The booth walls can be made large or small and come in many sizes to meet your trade show, convention or retail store. The wide booth depth is popular with our customers since it stands on its own and offers the ability to have a very large fabric display wall. This stretch fabric banner system is light weight and easy to transport with easy assembly. Simply snap the frame poles together, slide on the banners and zip then snug. EZ walls are affordable advertising that offer a small footprint with lots of marketing space. The stretch fabric graphics are custom printed with your promotions, branding and marketing designs. The expo walls are printed dye sublimation single or double sided and you can have marketing designs on the edges. The banner fits snugly over the frame removing all wrinkles. This creates a stunning seamless advertising surface across the entire large banner frame.

Personalized banners with your colors, graphics and branding are sure to get attention. The best trade show exhibits stand out from the crowd with has eye catching colors and photos. The writing is on the booth wall, tell shoppers exactly what you do and who you are. A good design sets the stage for your team to meet and engage with potential customers. The aluminum tubular sections fit easily together similar to a tent pole setup. The setup requires no tools and the instructions are easy to follow. A handy a carry bag is included with all booth walls. Add lighting to highlight your booth and a matching table cover that make a great first impression. Replacement graphics are affordable allowing you to easily replace graphic whenever you need to.

Expo walls pack compact, tool free assembly!

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