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Marquee Movie Lightbox Flashing Perimeter Lights 3ft x 4ft Sign

Marquee Movie Lightbox Flashing Perimeter Lights 3ft x 4ft Sign
Marquee Movie Lightbox Flashing Perimeter Lights 3ft x 4ft Sign
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Light Up the Night With Our Marquee Lightbox With Flashing Perimeter Lights

Durable Marquee Lightbox With Flashing Perimeter Lights

Get your visitors in the mood with our Marquee Lightbox With Flashing Perimeter Lights. Each sign features a box frame lined with flashing lightbulbs. The back of the frame comes with two T8 bulbs that light up the image from behind, highlighting the film, casino, location or event on the poster. With the snap frame, you can change the image inside within minutes. We sell the lighted signs individually, but you can order custom graphics with your sign if you don't want to wait for a printed poster. To protect your graphics, each frame comes with a plexiglass face panel mounted to the front. Show off your next film or event in style with our Marquee Lightbox With Flashing Perimeter Lights.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains flashing lightbulbs in the frame that draw attention to the poster

  • Uses a box frame to create depth and emphasize your graphics
  • Comes with an easy-to-use switch and an 8' cord
  • Uses a snap frame to make it easy to swap out graphics

  • Comes with the option to order custom graphics from Anything Display
  • Available as an empty frame if you don't need us to print graphics

  • Made from tough aluminum that extends the lifespan of your frame

  • Perfect for movie theaters, casinos, convention centers and other venues
  • Can be mounted or hung from the wall depending on your individual needs

  • Uses a clear plexiglass panel to protect the graphics from dirt and debris
  • Offers two T8 bulbs that illuminate your graphics from behind


  • Overall Size: 37.5" x 50.5" x 5.5"
  • Graphic Inserts: 26.5" x 39.5"(sold separately)
  • Visual Openings: 26" x 39"
  • All Dimensions: + or - 1/8"
  • Plexi Glass: 1/8" Clear plexi glass face panel


  • Colors: Black painted
  • Clear satin anodized finish Available in qty 50 or more only
  • Frame: Durable all aluminum extruded construction
  • Snap frame for easy graphic changes
  • Mounting: Wall mounting or hanging


  • Lighting: Back lighting center and flashing outer lighting
  • Lamps: Standard cool white T8 bulbs (included)
  • Replacement bulbs are available at any hardware store
  • Flashing Chase Bulbs: 7.5 watts, 130 Volt, 7/16" wide socket
  • Electrical: Standard design 120v / 60hz
  • Switch: Back of unit
  • Electric Cord: 8ft. Long, 3-wire exits the side of unit


  • Individually boxed
  • For custom orders, shipping will be around 4 - 5 weeks

When you own a casino, movie theater or event venue, it's important to cultivate an atmosphere of fun and excitement. If your customers feel excited when they walk in, they'll be much more likely to pay for admission and have a great time. Our Marquee Lightbox With Flashing Perimeter Lights uses a box frame and flashing lightbulbs to make your customers feel like they're in for the film or event of their lifetimes. When the bulbs burn out, you can easily find replacements at the local hardware store. To turn this sign on and off, simply flip the switch at the back of the frame, then hang it or mount it to the wall. These lighted signs are built to last, so you can advertise films and events for years to come. Order a Marquee Lightbox With Flashing Perimeter Lights from Anything Display and upgrade your in-store advertising. 

Custom Sizes: Click here to request an estimate for the marquee poster frame: [email protected]

Graphic Design Services: Available upon request. Please call for a quote (239) 433-9738

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