Illustrator User Tips

Illustrator User Tips

Resolution, CMYK, Text to Outlines, Saving Files

File Size: Whether you use our templates or you create your own document, please make sure the dimension of your file is the exact size of the finished size. For best results use the templates provided at the bottom of the product pages.

If you need our graphic designers to modify your art work, send us your original Illustrator file(s).
(Graphic modification is based on an hourly rate. Please call for estimated time.)

Image Resolution: Your images (any graphics that are not vector) need to be 125 DPI at full size.

Determine Image Quality from Source

Good Quality:
High resolution/high quality stock photography
High resolution/high quality scanner

Low Quality:
Screen capture of video frame
Low resolution/low quality stock photography
Image lifted off a web-page

Resolution Illustration


Why 125 DPI? Since your banner will be a large format print a resolution higher then 125dpi will not change the print quality. Many of us are used to the 300dpi which is used for our business documents, in the case of large format it is overkill.

  • If you are uncertain of the quality of your images, please call us at 239-433-9738 or email us at

Color Mode: Your file must to be in CMYK mode.

CMYK color mode

Fonts: Convert all your text to outlines. (If you package your document you do not need to outline see below)

Converting Fonts to Outlines

*If your text is not outlined, delays or font shift may occur.

Package an Illustrator Document

With the file open in Illustrator go to File>Package (Quick Key: ALT+Shift+Ctrl+P)
Refer to screenshot below.

When the Package window pops open you will choose the location on where you want the file to save. You will also be able to rename the document if you choose to.

In the Options section you will need to have the following checked to package the document correctly.

  • Copy links
  • Collect links in separate folder
  • Relink linked files to document
  • Copy fonts used in document (Except CJK & Typekit fonts)

Then Click Package. The program will then create a folder in the location selected
with everything needed for that file.

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