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EZ Extends Fabric Banner Stands

Stretch Tube Fabric Banner Stand

These fabric banner stands are stylish and come in many sizes to meet your trade show, convention or retail display needs.

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Circle Banner Stand 5ft Round EZ Extend With Single-Sided Graphic


EZ Extend Circle Banner 5ft, Single-Sided Dye Sub Graphic  Introducing the EZ Extend 5ft..

Circle Banner 5ft Round EZ Extend, Double Sided Dye Sub Graphics


EZ Extend Circular Banner 5 Feet Across, Double Sided With Custom Graphics Introducin..

EZ Extend 3ft Circle Banner Stand Sign, Double Sided With Graphic


EZ Extend Small Round 3ft, Double-Sided with Graphic  3ft Double-Sided EZ Extend circl..

EZ Extend Circle Banner Display 7ft Diameter With Fabric Display


EZ Extend Circle Banner 7ft, Printed One Sided Graphic  Introducing the EZ Extend Circul..

EZ Extend Circle Banner Stand 3ft Round With Front Fabric Graphic


EZ Extend Circle 3ft - Single-Sided Graphic  Introducing the 3ft EZ Extend round trade show ..

EZ Extends Banner Stand 2'w x 5' or 6' tall with Stretch Fabric


EZ Extends Banner Stand Sign Display, Printed Graphic IncludedThe new EZ Tube Extend fabric display ..

EZ Extend Circle Banner 7ft Round, Double Sided Display


EZ Extend Circle 7ft - Double-Sided  Introducing the EZ Extend Hoop Circular Banner Di..

EZ Extends Fabric Banner Stand 2ft wide x 7ft or 8ft tall


EZ Extends Fabric Banner Stand with Custom Printed Graphic, 2ft wide x (7ft or 8ft tall) Thes..

EZ Extend Fabric Banner 11ft x 2ft with Stretch Fabric Graphics


EZ Extend Tall Fabric Banner 2ft wide x 11 tall, Includes Printed Graphic, Single or Double Sided ..

EZ Extends Banner 9 or 10 feet tall x 2ft wide with Fabric Graphic


EZ Tube Banner Stand 2ft Wide Large Extend Display With Stretch Fabric Printed Graphic Included ..

EZ Hand Sanitizer Clip-On Dispenser


EZ Hand Sanitizer Clip-On Dispenser Automatic touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser for Fabric Tube..

EZ Tube Extend Display 3'w x 5' or 6' Tall Includes Fabric Graphic


EZ Tube Stretch Fabric Display Banner 3ft Wide Small Display With Printed Graphic The new EZ Tube..

Stretch Fabric Graphic Medium Banner Stand 3'w x 7' or 8' Tall


EZ Tube Extend Display 3ft Wide Medium Stand - Stretch Fabric Printed Graphic Included The new E..

EZ Tube Large Banner 3' Wide x 9' or 10' Tall Includes Fabric Graphic


EZ Tube Banner Display 3ft Wide Large Display With Stretch Fabric Printed Graphic The new EZ T..

Extra Tall Banner 11ft high x 3ft EZ Tube Banner Extend with Graphics


EZ Tube Banner Extra Tall Display 3ft x 11ft With Stretch Fabric Printed Graphic The new EZ T..

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About EZ Tube Stretch Fabric Banners

The custom printed stretch fabric material is popular with exhibitors for standing banners since it matches nicely with fabric booth displays. The stretch fabric banner system is light weight and easy to transport. This banner system offers easy assembly.  Simply snap the frame poles together, slide on the banners graphic and zip snug. EZ banners are affordable advertising that offer a small footprint with lots of graphic design area. The fabric graphics are custom printed with your promotions, brand and marketing designs. Printed dye sublimation single or double sided. Two banners are stitched back to back pillow case style with a zipper on the open edge. The banners fit snugly over the frame removing all wrinkles. This creates a stunning seamless advertising surface across the entire banner frame.  

Personalized banners are printed from your designs with your colors, graphics and branding. A great trade show exhibits stands out from the crowd, has eye catching colors and photos, and tells shoppers exactly what you do and who you are. A good design sets the stage for your team to meet and engage shoppers. Using several fabric banner displays in your booth makes a huge impact and boasts style and professionalism. Try using different sizes to create a truly unique exhibit.

The aluminum frames are tubular sections that fit easily together similar to tent poles. The setup requires no tools and the instructions are easy to follow. Add a handy a carry bag or lighting to highlight your booth and create ambiance.  Matching table covers make a great first impression. Replacement graphics are affordable allowing you to easily replace graphic whenever you need to.

Stylish, affordable, portable and easy to setup!