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truss system boothAttending trade shows is an important method of marketing for many industries. By attending trade shows, businesses are able to directly invite their audience to view and learn more about their products or services.

Presenting physical evidence of a company’s goods and services is often effective in improving sales. In one survey, 99% of marketers stated that they found unique value and opportunities from trade show exhibits that they did not get from other marketing mediums.

However, before you begin marketing your goods or services at a trade show, you first need to decide what type of exhibit will best serve your needs. Here are three major types of trade show exhibits to consider:

Island exhibit

This type of exhibit has access to walking aisles on all four sides and is frequently paired with more open structures, such as pop up tents and overhead retractable banner displays. This exhibit is perfect for showing off your product to as many people as possible due to its open floor plan. With island exhibits, people see the displays no matter which direction they approach from, and they can enter the display area from any side. With so much flexibility, your company can easily fill out this space with marketing displays like display towers, adjustable banner stands, or truss system booths.

Inline Exhibit

Also known as a linear exhibit, this type of exhibit abuts neighboring booths on its side and back. While this may not seem like an advantage, this exhibit is effective when attending several trade shows-- these exhibits can be adjusted based on which two sides are blocked by other company displays. A truss system booth can also be used effectively in this space as they allow for a variety of designs and can be customized to fit the event center space as needed.

Peninsula Exhibit

This style of exhibit is open on three sides while abutting another exhibit on one side. Using this style combines the benefits of both inline and island exhibits, since it forms an open floor plan while also allowing several different configurations. Fabric displays, truss system booths, and tabletop banner stands would be put to good use at displaying your company’s information in this style exhibit.

Attending your first trade show can be a big boost to your company’s sales. Just make sure to have picked out the right style of exhibit to fully show off your product.



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