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Island Displays

Buy Island display booth for trade show or events from Anything Display and maximise your trade show floor space with our custom island booths and exhibits, get unique opportunities to brand your trade show booth space with visitors traffic we have Conference Rooms, Island Arch Displays, Island Exhibit Walls and Island Exhibit Walls it is accessible to attendees from all the sides.

Island Displays, Large Fabric Trade Show Booths

Island exhibit displays create traffic flow at trade show events. Island booths make a big presence with ample advertising space, meeting spaces, inviting shapes and conversation areas. Island displays offer an unparalleled dynamic display that elevates and accentuates any marketing design. These large structures are made with a lightweight aluminum frame that is extremely portable. The stretch fabric graphic banners fit snugly over the entire frame so your advertising designs are displayed edge to edge. Any graphic surface can be printed with your designs. The stretch fabric graphic fit taut to create a seamless and eye catching marketing display. We offer many different sizes and shapes and we make custom displays to fit your needs. These displays are popular for the big players in your industry with island booth exhibits. We have many great structures custom printed with your designs such as Arch Displays, Conference Rooms, Portable Booth Walls and Trade Show Tower Displays.

The aluminum tubular frame sections fit easily together, similar to a tent pole setup. Simply snap the frame poles together, slide on the pillow case style banners and zip them snug. Your display will set up quick and look great. The stretch fabric graphics are custom printed with your promotions, branding and marketing designs. The graphics are printed dye sublimation for deep rich long lasting colors. The banner fits snugly over the frame removing all wrinkles creating a stunning seamless advertising surface across the banner surface.  Personalized banners define your exhibit using your colors, graphic designs and promotions.

Large fabric structures are portable, set up fast and look great.

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