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How to Select a Casita Canopy Tent

How to Select a Casita Canopy Tent
How to Get the Highest Quality Canopy Tent at the Best Price

Good … Better … Best … The Choice is Yours.
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 How to choose a canopy tent for your event

How to Choose an Outdoor Event Canopy That Meets Your Needs and Budget

The Casita Canopy Tents came in a variety of sizes from 5 feet wide to 20 feet wide.  They come in different design styles to maximize the strength and minimize the expense as explained below. 

Tent Hardware Options Explained

The lowest price party tent canopy is really Good Quality.  It’s built with sturdy 22mm steel square support legs to support the canopy hardware.  This is ideal for marketing purposes for seasonal use. Used several times a year for indoor and outdoor events, this is a really good high value tent for the lowest price.   

If you intend to use this regularly each week to conduct business as a vendor attending trade fairs and outdoor events you will want to step up to a Better Quality. The first step up offers 40mm aluminum hexagon legs. The aluminum will not rust or corrode with extensive use. The hexagon shape offers additional stability under stressful working conditions.  The maximum step-up to the Best Quality is a 50mm thick aluminum construction, with the same hexagon shaped legs with stronger pin support connecting hardware for maximum support and strength during transport and for very active use.

Canopy Hardware Explained

The quality of the canopy is consistent across all frame structure options. The canopy frame is permanently attached to the tent legs to open and closes very easily. Once fully opened it snaps tightly in place to the selected height position. Use the center pole crank to expand and tighten the tents tension for optimal appearance and rain run-off to avoid water puddles.  All hardware comes with a life-time warranty!

Weather Proof Water Resistant Prints

Our tents have one of the best weather friendly fabrics for inclement weather.   The graphic prints are high quality, printed on our special water resistant material that dries in minutes even in the worst rain storms. The material is ideally manufactured to work with our special UV-cured printing process that delivers maximum protection and longevity against fading and peeling. The tent finishes to a shiny vibrant texture with vivid colors to wow onlookers. 

The multiple weather proofing add-ons of side panels and backdrop panels offer extra protection in inclement weather.  You can advertise and promote your business with custom prints, including the printed side panels and printed backdrop graphics. You can print single or double-sided for a real professional look and maximum exposure of your message. 

For the latest selections at the best prices use The Casita Canopy Tent Shopping Link!  

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