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Trade shows provide excellent opportunities for your brand to reach potential competitors, investors, and even customers. As such, it's important to put your best face forward. By creating an interesting, polished exhibit, you can help your company stand out from the crowd, and leverage the trade show as both a marketing and networking opportunity.

However, even seasoned companies that have attended trade shows for decades can still stumble from time to time. Misspelled fabric displays, missing products, late arrivals, and more can all turn your dream trade show into a frantic nightmare.

Whether you're new to the trade show circuit or have been building displays for years, make sure your next show goes smoothly. Here are three rookie mistakes every trade show booth and pop up tent manager should avoid:

Common Trade Show Slip-Ups

Mistake #1: A Boring Display

While a successful booth may not need all the bells and whistles, your display should still feature enough information, products, and smiling employee faces to catch the eye of passersby. Start with a few simple fabric displays, table tops displays, and tower displays. These trade show staples offer basic information and tell your story through images and designs. You want your message to be straightforward and vibrant -- in other words, your booth should be memorable. After all, 16% of unplanned purchases were inspired by a display noticed while shopping. Fun colors, an interactive activity or two, and a clear message will help your brand stand out.

Mistake #2: Skipping Social Media

In the past, successful trade shows involved absolutely no social media. In recent years, however, social media has become an essential tool for making the most of your trade show exhibit. Utilizing platforms like Twitter and Instagram can help your booth reach a wider audience. Encourage visitors at your booth to follow your company account. You can even include a hashtag on your fabric displays, or make a creative and irresistible photo opportunity at your booth. You'll be surprised how many people flock to get involved. Even if you don't use social media, your competitors will, so keep up with the times and get social!

Mistake #3: Putting the Wrong People In the Booth

In order to thrive, a company needs all kinds of people. Quiet bookworms, data-lovers, and rule-followers can all contribute greatly to any brand or business. However, at a trade show, putting the quiet and shy individuals in charge might be a big mistake. Your booth will fare best if it's staffed with your most confident, charming, and outgoing team members and salespeople. As long as your cheerleaders don't shout at passersby or start spouting lies about your business, confidence and company knowledge will go far in your booth.

For the most successful and relevant trade show booth, avoid these all-too-common rookie mistakes. For more information, or to order custom fabric displays, banners, and more, contact us at Anything Display today!



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