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In the marketing industry, or any industry for that matter, catching the attention of busy potential customers can be a challenge. Sometimes, the most effective marketing messages are the also shortest.


That's why every business needs a one-sentence pitch. Whether you lead a startup or manage an established company, you need to be able to tell others what you do and why you do it, all in one breath. Modern attention spans are short, to-do lists are long, and there are hundreds of other competitors who can outpace you, if given the chance.


At a trade show, having a one-sentence pitch is even more important. You'll spend the day interacting with other industry experts, the media, and even potential investors as they wander your trade show booth frame. Making a quick, succinct impression could be the difference between a valuable connection and a lost opportunity.


Unfortunately, boiling all your work into a single sentence is no easy task. Here are a few pointers to get you started.


Creating A One-Sentence Pitch: 4 Steps


1. Write A Draft

Before trying to summarize your whole operation in one sentence, give yourself a paragraph to work with. Write out what your company's mission is, what products or services you offer, and who your audience is. You can even add a bit about company history, but remember that most extraneous details will be cut as you move from a whole paragraph to a single idea.


2. Whittle It Down

Next, start paring down adjectives, repetitive concepts, and other nonessential information. Keep going until your pitch only features:


  • Your company's name

  • Your product

  • Who your product helps

  • What it helps them do

  • How your product is different from others


This method, called the "Startup Madlib," should squeeze your business's main features into a single sentence.


3. Repeat It Often

Now, you've got a strong sentence that sums up your business with just the right amount of pizzazz. Go forth and use it! Include aspects of your pitch throughout your trade show booth frame, such as on fabric banners, personalized pop up canopies, and tower displays. Conveying your message both verbally and visually will help others remember it. After all, 35% of people wouldn't have discovered a company had it not been for their sign.


4. Don't Stop There

Keep editing your pitch as your company evolves with time. Come up with a possible second and third sentence, should your audience like to hear more. Keep things brief, punchy, and to the point to wow customers and competitors alike!

For more great marketing and trade show tips, or to browse our selection of trade show booth frames and products, check us out at Anything Display today!




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