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Gain a Market for Your Products Through A Trade Show

Tradeshow exhibit

When people think of trade shows, they think of the display, demonstration, and selling of popular consumer goods and services. Electronic devices, handicrafts, kitchenware, gadgets, credit card companies, home delivery vendors, hair, beauty, and makeover salons, and other special services—these are among the many kinds of companies that one will find represented at modern trade fairs. But the following story shows that anyone selling anything can find success at a trade show.

Gerald Cochrane was young, energetic, well-educated, and well-connected to the business community in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked for many years as an ad executive. His colleagues and friends were shocked when he announced one day that he would give up his rather promising career and open a bookstore in the city.

Books were Gerald’s first love. He majored in Marketing and English Lit in college. Although he pursued the former after graduation, the latter remained his abiding obsession. He had no intention of making himself a martyr to culture. His aim was to put his extensive business experience to work to create a nationwide retail book chain that would specialize in selling books for readers of more discriminating tastes. Gerald took a cue from his own library, and decided that there must be a lot more people like him who might want a convenient way to find and purchase really good books that are hard to find.

Having forged various connections in the world of business and finance it was not hard for him to get the money needed to open his first store and gather his first stock. He opened the store near one of the city’s many college campuses. His marketing and networking savvy paid off. The store became an instant success. It even became a local hangout for students, and the upscale cultured crowd. Gerald installed a small café in the store, which made it an even greater attraction to his intended market.

Over the next year things went well. The store thrived financially, but not to the point he could think about opening another store in another city. He needed a wider audience, and it occurred to him that he might take his show on the road, so to speak, and reserve booths in trade shows occurring at different places throughout the south.

He did just that. He consulted with a trade show booth company that he had worked with in his past life and they helped him design a unit that was perfect for the goods he wanted to display and market. His tradeshow tour was a real hit. The enigma of seeing a small bookseller at a trade show may have raised the curiosity of many. But whatever the cause, Gerald’s, which was the name of his store, soon gained a large following.

You Can Sell Anything

You should never think that your product or service cannot be displayed and sold at a trade fair. With the right help and assistance from a trade show booth expert you can make your mark and gain a market.

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