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Tradeshow Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11

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Custom Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11

Hybrid Pro Modular Kit 11 is a stylish modular exhibit with depth and dimension making it a great way to establish yourself as a veteran at any venue. The modular display frame is heavy-duty and durable. With available features like push-fit graphics, shelving, tables, monitor mounts, storage areas, and much more. The Hybrid Pro Modular series is a cut above the rest when it comes to quality. Make yourself stand out at your next event with the Hybrid Pro series backwall.

*** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Limited Warranty on Hardware, 1 Year on Graphics

Features and Benefits:

  • Silver aluminum extrusion frame
  • Wrinkle free stretch graphics with silicone beading sewn into the edges
  • 3D look and feel to give your booth depth and dimension
  • Open booth style offers room for more walk-through traffic
  • Seamless edges make for a professional look
  • Pre-attached stretch fabric graphics makes setup fast & easy
  • Breaks down into portable cases for competitive shipping rates
  • Tight deadline? No worries we offer rush production.

Kit Includes:

  • Aluminum extrusion frame
  • Two side/top white accents
  • Four fabric graphic panels
  • One illuminated graphic panel
  • Two pillowcase fabric graphics
  • Two counters*
  • Two medium monitor mounts*
  • One SCRATE
  • Two woodcrates

Trade shows and events serve as dynamic platforms for businesses to showcase their brand, products, and services. In this competitive landscape, the Tradeshow Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11 emerges as a powerful tool for effective branding and promotion. This essay explores the unique features of the kit and provides insights on how businesses can leverage it to maximize benefits during trade shows and events.

Comprehensive Branding with Customization:

The Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11 offers an expansive canvas for comprehensive branding. With its customizable design, businesses can tailor the exhibit to align perfectly with their brand identity. Incorporating specific brand colors, logos, and messaging ensures a visually cohesive and memorable display that enhances brand recognition and recall among attendees.

Impactful Visual Presence:

The 20ft backwall provides an impressive visual presence, acting as a focal point within the trade show or event space. The size and strategic layout of the kit create an immersive experience for attendees, drawing them into the booth. This impactful visual presence not only captures attention but also sets the stage for effective engagement and communication.

Versatility in Layout and Design:

The modular design of Kit 11 offers versatility in layout and design. Businesses can create distinct zones within the exhibit for product showcases, interactive displays, and meeting areas. This adaptability ensures that the booth can cater to different promotional needs, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for diverse audiences.

Strategic Brand Messaging:

Utilizing the generous space of the 20ft backwall allows for strategic placement of key brand messages, taglines, and visuals. Careful consideration of the layout ensures that essential content is prominently displayed for maximum impact. This strategic brand messaging effectively communicates the brand's value proposition and enhances engagement with trade show attendees.

Integration of Technology for Interaction:

To elevate the exhibit experience, Kit 11 seamlessly integrates technology. Interactive displays, digital presentations, and multimedia content can be incorporated to captivate and engage visitors. This technological integration not only modernizes the booth but also positions the brand as innovative, creating a memorable and dynamic experience for attendees.

Networking and Relationship Building:

The spacious layout of Kit 11 allows for the creation of dedicated networking hubs within the booth. Strategic meeting areas and comfortable spaces for conversations facilitate meaningful interactions with potential clients, partners, and industry professionals. This networking-centric approach transforms the exhibit into a dynamic space for relationship-building, lead generation, and collaborative discussions.

Streamlined Logistics and Easy Assembly:

Efficiency in logistics is essential for successful trade show participation. Kit 11 addresses this with its lightweight and portable design, facilitating easy transportation and setup. The streamlined logistics and user-friendly assembly process save time and effort, ensuring a stress-free and organized presence at trade shows and events.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Investment:

Participating in trade shows involves budget considerations, and Kit 11 stands out as a sustainable and cost-effective investment. Its modular nature allows for easy updates and rebranding without the need for a complete overhaul. This cost-effective adaptability ensures that businesses can maintain a fresh and relevant exhibit, maximizing their return on investment over time.


The Tradeshow Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11 stands as a dynamic asset for businesses aiming to excel in branding and promotion during trade shows and events. Its comprehensive branding, impactful visual presence, versatility, strategic messaging, technology integration, networking capabilities, streamlined logistics, and cost-effective sustainability collectively position it as a strategic tool. By leveraging the unique features of this kit, businesses can create a memorable, engaging, and effective presence at trade shows, fostering connections, building brand recognition, and ultimately achieving success in their promotional endeavors.


  • Assembled Dimensions: 222.75"W x 94.75"H x 19.63"D
  • Display Size: 20' Inline
  • Laminate cabinet with locking storage door and custom side/top laminate accent panel
  • Medium monitor bracket* holds 26-40" LCD, maximum weight: 50lbs / 22.68 kgs
  • Reconfigurable into 10'x10' inline display - additional components may be required
  • Backwall Counter: 21.75"W x 38"H x 17.75"D approx.
  • *Foreground counters not included
  • *LCD monitors not included
  • *Laminate cabinet with locking storage door and custom side/top laminate accent panel
  • Reconfigurable: No
  • Shipping Dimensions: Ships in 3 cases: 1 x SCRATE (59"L x 57"H x 34"D) 2 x WOODCRATE (27"L x 48"H x 30"D)

Graphic Specifications:

  • See artwork template for sizes to setup artwork
  • Illuminated SEG push-fit graphic panel with interior top and bottom LED lighting
  • Single-sided SEG dye-sublimated fabric graphics
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • Standard print turn time is 3-5 business days after proof approval

Graphic Design Services: Available upon request. Please call for a quote (239) 433-9738

Printed Graphic Artwork GuidelinesClick here for Artwork Guidelines

Downloads: Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11

NOTE: To download files, click the links below or Right Mouse Click and choose "Save Target As..."
Setup Instructions Set-up Instructions for Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11
Artwork Template Artwork Template for Hybrid Pro 20ft Modular Backwall Kit 11

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