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Graphic Briefcase Carry Bag Voyager Shoulder Bag

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Tailored Carry Bags for Voyager Briefcase Displays

Trade Show Carry Bags for Voyager Briefcase Displays, A Perfect Trade Show Accessory carry bags

Trade shows are all about making a lasting impression, and one of the critical elements in achieving this is eye-catching displays. The Voyager Carry Bag complements the Voyager briefcase-style tabletop displays. Hence, offering a convenient and stylish solution for storage and transportation. The Voyager Carry Bag is tailor-made to fit the Voyager panel display's size option. Whether you have the compact Voyager 1 or the expansive Voyager 5, there's a perfectly sized bag to match.

Durable Material for Longevity

The durable materials used in constructing the trade show carry bags ensure they can withstand the rigors of frequent travel and use. The sturdy exterior protects your displays from bumps, scratches, and other potential damage. Thus maintaining their pristine condition for repeated showcases. With the Voyager Carry Bag, you can rest assured that your investment in quality briefcase displays is well-protected.

Convenient Shoulder Strap

Say goodbye to awkward and cumbersome transport methods. The Voyager Carry Bag features a comfortable shoulder strap. Thus, allowing you to carry your displays quickly and conveniently. Whether navigating busy trade show floors or moving between venues. The shoulder strap provides hands-free carrying. As a result, you are free to focus on engaging with potential customers and clients.

*** WARRANTY *** One Year Manufacturers Warranty

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable material
  • Shoulder strap for easy transport


The Voyager Carry Bag is available in sizes tailored to each of the Voyager panel size options:

  • Voyager 1 - Mini Briefcase Display
  • Voyager 2 - Maxi Briefcase Display
  • Voyager 3 - Mega Briefcase Display
  • Voyager 4 - Supreme Briefcase Display
  • Voyager 5 - Monster Briefcase Display

NOTE: Handy Voyager carry bags are available for all voyager briefcase displays.

Additional Storage

In addition to housing your Voyager display, these bags come with an outside pocket. This pocket is perfect for storing optional header panels or additional graphics. Thus, ensuring that everything you need for your presentation is packed and organized.


Q1: Are the Voyager Carry Bags sturdy enough for frequent travel?

A: Yes. The Voyager Carry Bags are made from durable materials. Thus, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of frequent transportation.

Q2: Can I store additional graphics or header panels in the Voyager Carry Bag?

A: Absolutely! The outside pocket of the Voyager Carry Bag is perfect for storing optional header panels or extra graphics.

Q3: Are Voyager Carry Bags available for all Voyager briefcase displays?

A: Yes. Handy Voyager Carry Bags are available for all Voyager briefcase display sizes. Thus, providing a comprehensive storage and transportation solution.

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