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Counter Sign, Industrial Up Timer LED Display

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2.25"Character, Industrial Up-Timer

Increase Your Productivity With Our Counter Sign, Industrial Up Timer LED Display - Offered With a 1-Year Limited Warranty

A conventional timer that displays real-time information to your customers and employees is not only functional but looks stylish and practical at your workplace, school, organization, or event. This timer, as the features demonstrate, can go a long way toward setting the goals for your business as well as organizing your day-to-day activities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexibility - You can up-time with this timer by default (MM:SS) or select HH:MM format when ordering. The momentary switch lets you reset the timer to 00:00.
  • Functionality - The terminal strip is meant for wiring two contact closure inputs, its purpose being counting upward and resetting to 00:00. Two options with contact are available, wet and dry. The onboard power supply with 14VDC is convenient to hardwire the foot switch, push-button switch, or photo-eye. The timer begins at 00:00 and advances by specified increments, activated by an on/off switch.
  • Durability - This timer will last 10 years or more with proper use and maintenance. Its durability is partly due to the NEMA-rated enclosure.
  • Low Cost - The Counter Sign, Industrial Up Timer is a perfect choice for those pursuing a cost-effective way to increase sales and productivity. Aside from its practical features, this timer offers the greatest opportunity to stay within your budget while delivering the best service for your customers.
  • Low Energy Consumption - Another reason to choose this timer with the acrylic face and eco-friendly LEDs is its low energy consumption.



  • Production Counts
  • Sales per hour
  • Customer Counts
  • Calls Received
  • Input and Output


  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Cost Savings
  • Productivity
  • Employee Motivation

Optional Items:

  • Photo Sensor Contactor
  • Push Button Contactor
  • Control Box w/10' of cable

Many of today's production activities are combined with sophisticated devices, but they lack the simplicity and ease of use of this timer. The Counter Sign, Industrial Up Timer LED Display is used to monitor time, whether it is for the entire production process or just a section of it. What is practical about this timer is its ability to count without glitches. If you purchase and care for it properly, this timer should last at least a decade. Want to try it yourself? Place your order with us at Anything Display right away!


Two-Wire From PC/PLC/driving device into a Terminal Block
Ethernet (RJ45 Connector)
Typical 128 character ASCII code
Baud rate selectable –600/1200/2400/4800/9600 BPS
98 unique addresses
Data bit selectable – 7 or 8 (standard)
Optional fixed decimal point /Floating decimal point (standard)
Data types received: RS232, RS422/RS485, LAN/Ethernet, TTL, Current loop, Modem

Electrical Specifications:

Power Source: 120 VAC @ 60 HZ
Power Consumption: Max. 15 Watts
Current Draw: Typical 500mA
Power Cord: 6 ft

Physical Specifications:

Designed to be installed and viewed indoors
Operating Environment: 32 to 120 Degrees (0 to 49 Degress C) / 0 to 95% Humidity
Dimensions: 12 "L x 4"H x 2.25 "D
Weight: Approx. 6 lbs.
Number of Digits: 4
Character Height: 2.25 "
Viewing Distance: Up to 100'
LED color/Acrylic Face: Red (Amber/Green available)
LED Intensity: 10 MCD High-Intensity Discrete LEDS
UL Listed power supply: Yes
Enclosure: Black Extruded Aluminum NEMA 1 Rated / NEMA 12 Optional
Two Hanging Brackets Included for Hanging/Wall Mount
Warranty: 1 Year Factory Service
MPN: ED206-102-4D-N1

Customer Supplied Contact Options

One on/off input timer: closed contact: reset to zero and run /open contact: hold the value
One momentary input timer: run · hold · reset to zero 
Two input timer: On/off contact to run/hold · momentary contact to reset to zero

Time Format Options (Please Specify When Ordering):

SS.TH - Tenths and hundredths of a second 
SSS.T - Tenths of a second 
MM:SS - Minutes and seconds (standard) 
MMM.S - Tenths of a second 
HH:MM - Hours and minutes (standard) 
HHH.M - Tenths of minutes 
MM:SS:TH - Minutes : Seconds : Tenths : Hundredths of seconds 
HH:MM:SS - Hours : Minutes : Seconds 
HH:MM:SS:TH - Hours : Minutes : Seconds : Tenths : Hundredths of seconds. 
DD:HH:MM:SS - Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds 

Number of Digits: The standard is four digits. The option for 1 to 16 digits in length is available.


Production Hours 
Line Speed 
Down Time 
Loading and Unloading Time

Cost Savings
Employee Motivation


Operating Temp:
32° to 120°F

Physical Attributes:

Construction: Extruded Aluminum
Mounting:Two 1/4x20 Hex Bolts

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