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20 x 20 ft. Modco 11 (Graphic Package)

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Modco Display 11, 20 x 20 ft. (Graphic Package)

The Modco 11 is a modular display that creates an immersive experience for your brand. The 16 foot tower includes a locking door for storage. The Modco Modular Displays utilize toolless spring-tabs for easy set-up and take-down. The custom SEG (silicone edge graphics) graphics boldly display your message. The stretch fabric features Block Out technology ensuring your message remains vivid even when stretched for a seamless, finished appearance.

Modco Modular Display 11, 20 x 20 ft. (Graphic Package) stands out as a complete package for an eye-catching trade show exhibit. It is a multifaceted platform. With a roomy layout and a flexible graphic package. Seamlessly bring the logos, messaging, and visuals together. Thus, perfectly displaying your brand at every visibility point. It is designed in a modular way. To create a cohesive and impactful presentation. Hence ensuring quick setup and necessary adjustments to different booth configurations. Move your brand presence to a higher level and be different from others with modular displays. It is where innovation meets excellence in every single square foot.

Seamless Integration of Graphics with Modco Modular Display 11

Experience a seamless integration of your brand's visuals with the modular display Modco Display 11. Watch your graphics come to life with accuracy and quality. This display has a big 20 x 20-foot size and customer-friendly installable graphics. Thus offers huge space and a platform to tell a captivating story. Combine logos, images, and text seamlessly such that the exhibit becomes visually striking. The modular design ensures flexible and hassle-free integration of graphics. Therefore, enabling smooth setting up and compatibility with several booth configurations. Take your brand to the next level and make a lasting impression with the Modco display kit. In this booth, every graphic detail is presented in perfection. As a result, has the power to attract attention.

Customize Your Exhibit with Modco Modular Display 11

Upgrade your exhibition space to the next level with the Modco display kit. A highly customizable solution to illustrate your brand with ultimate precision. Complete with the 20 x 20 ft. layout and customizable graphic package. The exhibit offers you unimaginable possibilities for personalized arrangements. Consistently embed your brand identity, message, and imagery. Hence, creating a compelling and recognizable presentation that positively impacts your audience. The modular system allows for different booth layout configurations. It gives you an option of a smart fit solution in context with your particular requirements. Therefore taking your brand's visibility to the next level. Make your brand stand out with a Modco display kit. It is where you get the best of both customization and excellence on the exhibit floor.

Options for customizing graphics and branding

In Modco Modular Display 11, 20 x 20 ft setting, the booth owners have different possibilities. To present their graphics and marketing tools to meet their demands. It includes the capacity to remodel the image of company brands, colors, and messages. Thus, allowing for different visualization formats like banners, panels, and signage. Besides that, exhibitors have a chance to select from a wide range of printing techniques. As well as materials like glossy and matte to match their brand's look and feel. Whether it is bright and attention-grabbing, or professional and classy. Through these personalized features, businesses can produce a consistent and effective brand impact. Thus, setting them apart from the rest of the exhibitors while connecting and engaging with attendees.

Increased display space for enhanced visibility

Among our proposed modular display 11 is the 20 x 20 configuration. Unlike typical configurations, it is much bigger. Therefore enhances our visibility on the trade show booth floor. Since such displays allow more room for product ads, videos, and logos brands. It draws viewers in from far away. Hence have them step closer to the booth for further engagement. Such visibility aids in the prominence of the brand in comparison with others in that field of business. Ultimately, it leaves a permanent mark in customers' minds and drives people to the display.

Flexibility in layout and presentation options

The 20 x 20 ft. configuration in the display allows you to be creative with the layout and presentation options. Giving you more control. Exhibitors can carefully plan out their display elements. Including product showcases, interactive features, and seating areas. Hence allowing for a seamless and engaging booth experience. This can be a good flexible strategy that can be adapted to achieve the objectives of different events and preferences of audiences. Thus, it will make the presentation dynamic and effective for display booths and exhibits.

Effortless Setup and Versatility with Modco Modular Display 11

Enjoy a painless setup and endless flexibility with the Modco display kit. It is specially designed to simplify your exhibiting process. Being 20 x 20 ft. in size and having a modular design. This display can work with a variety of booth configurations. Therefore helping you to customize the space according to the different spaces. Assembling is quite straightforward due to its user-friendly mounting process. Thus giving you more time to polish your presentation. Whether it’s selling products, marketing services or simply doing brand messaging. Modco displays has the best platform for your exhibit needs. Use Modco to be your showstopper at your next trade show booth. As a result, enjoy a swift setup and unparalleled versatility.

Spend less time setting up

With our Modco display kit, you can easily set up your exhibit, with just minimal effort. Say no to the confusing assembly procedures. And enjoy the bonus of unlimited time to interact with your audience. Since this system was created for convenience. It provides an efficient setup that would help you concentrate on what is important. That is, networking and achieving results at display booths and exhibits.

Built to Withstand the Rigors of Events

Reliability with Modco is not only a guarantee. But one of the foundations of your exhibition’s success. Our displays are built with strong and durable materials. That can withstand the pressures of event requirements. It offers long-term durability, from frequent setups to high-traffic environments. Allowing for peace of mind while maintaining sophistication.

Easy Transport and Storage

Our modular displays are manufactured for portability. Its compact size, easy transport capabilities, and streamlined style are designed to put an end to logistics worries. Thus meeting all your demands like transportation and storage as a user for convenience. Take your exhibition anywhere with Modco. Set it up with ease as you travel wherever your business takes you. As a result, freeing you to concentrate on your event itself.

Elevate Your Brand Presence with Modco Modular Display 11

If you want to attract people’s attention and reinforce your brand at the trade show booth. Then Modco Modular Display 11 is the product for you. This booth is designed with a spacious layout of 20 x 20 feet. It is a fully customizable graphic package to give you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your brand with clarity and impact. Seamlessly combine your branding elements and exciting visuals to pull attendees in. Leaving a lasting impression. The modular design of the booth makes sure that you can adjust it to different configurations of the stand. Thus, providing you with a chance to create an eye-catching exhibition. And showcasing your distinctive brand image. Boost the exposure and credibility of your brand on the exhibit floor with our modular displays. This is where innovation meets excellence, it is innovation at its best.

Graphics and Branding Integration

Enhance your brand impact with consistent graphics and branding implementation. Using the ModCo Modular Display 11, 20 × 20 fit configuration. With a visually attractive display that effectively shows your brand's personality. Use personalized elements like vibrant graphics and custom logos to help promote your brand identity.

Configurations for Different Settings

Find versatile configurations in our modular Modco displays. It is designed for different surroundings. Whether it is a trade show, event, or retail space it adjusts the display to suit every situation. Thus, allowing it to smoothly shift from one environment to another. While maintaining a professional and impactful presence.

Additional Accessories and Enhancements

Upgrade your display with the extra accessories and add-ons. Available for all the Modco displays. With features, ranging from lighting options to interactive elements. You can personalize your display setup as per your needs. Thus, allowing you to showcase your brand efficiently. And also, help create a memorable experience for your audience.

Maximize Impact at Trade Shows with our Modular Displays

Get the most out of your trade show booth experience with our Modco display kit. An unparalleled solution that engages audiences and stands out with the brand. Using its 20 x 20 ft. floor space and graphics package that we tailor to your brand’s delight. This display gives you a versatile platform to exhibit your brand with just the right fit. Integrate your branding elements and appealing visuals to create an exhibit that is memorable, and logical. Thus, making your brand stand out in any trade show environment. The modular design promotes easy installation and adaptability to different booth configurations. Hence, providing you with a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the attendees. Enhance your trade show existence and take your brand above the competition. By creating a uniform brand image with our modular displays.

Standout Booth Designs: Due to its adaptable layout options and customizable features. It enables you to create impressive exhibits that stand out from the crowd.

Maximizing Visibility and Engagement: Because of its strategic arrangement and eye-catching design. It attracts the attention of visitors and hence results in increased marketing opportunities.

Attracting Potential Clients and Partners: Because of its stylish design and adjustable elements. It makes it an inviting environment. Hence, preparing the ground for valuable connections and business opportunities.

Seamless Integration with Event Themes and Objectives: Whether it's aligning with a specific brand message or complementing the overall event aesthetic. It allows for effortless adaptation with adjustable features.

Creating Memorable Event Experiences: Due to its flexible design and engaging elements. It transforms event venues into immersive brand experiences. That lives on well beyond the event.

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  • Display Dimensions: 215"W x 131.75"H x 190"D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 104"L x 54"W x 44"H 
  • Shipping Weight: 988lbs (frames, graphics, and crate)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Covered perforations 
  • Two Counters
  • Storage room with lock and key

Graphic Specifications:

  • Graphic Material: SEG Dye Sub Fabric Graphics w/ integrated blockout
  • Print Turn Time-: 3-5 days after approval 

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