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10 x 10 ft. Modco 3 (Graphic Package)

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The Modco 3 Modular Display 3 is a pre-designed modular display. The 10’ x 10’ exhibit provides opportunity to promote your logo on all sides. The 10 foot wall is divided into three sections, two include display shelves. The Modco Modular Displays utilize toolless spring-tabs for easy set-up quick take-down. The custom SEG (silicone edge graphics) graphics boldly display your message. The stretch fabric features Block Out technology ensuring your message remains vivid even when stretched for a seamless, finished appearance.

Overview Of Modco Modular Display 3, 10 X 10 ft.

It offers a customized solution perfect for trade shows and events. Designed to attract audiences and provide the most brand exposure. Quick and easy set-up and take-downs.


  • Shipping Weight: 245lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 96"L x 40"W x 15"H
  • Display Size: 117.375"W x 96.25"H x 17"D
  • The Modco Modular Display3 is offered with certain specifications for dimensions and weight. To make it easy to transport and set up. The compact packaging has dimensions of 96 ”L x 40” W x 15” H and weighs about 245 lbs which helps in easy transportation. When assembled, the display opens to an impressive 117.375” W x 96.25” H x 17” D showcase. Thus, comfortably accommodating your exhibit.

    These details make it a convenient option for shipping. Additionally, it also has a magnificent display size. Therefore, making it an excellent option for exhibiting your content.

    Key Features

    The Modco Modular Display 3, 10 x 10 ft, is adjustable to different exhibition areas. Its layout features are customizable. Hence, it offers smooth incorporation into every type of event or trade show. This display is made with precision from high-quality materials. Thus assures longevity. With its easy setup and breakdown process. It makes the operations more efficient. In turn, this enables convenient setup and transportation.

    Benefits for using Modco Modular Trade Show Displays

    Make a significant impact with the modular displays at trade shows and events. The versatile and customizable design helps maximize brand visibility as well as engagement. Thus, providing a visually appealing platform where the brand message is presented. With customizable features, graphics integration, and layout configurations. It efficiently conveys brand identity and key marketing messages to a wide-ranging audience. Therefore, making a memorable impact on attendees and bringing success to every event.

    Trade Shows, Events and Marketing & Advertising

    The ModCo Modular Display 3 has a versatile design. It is tailored to fit the diverse landscapes of trade shows, events, and marketing & advertising. Therefore, providing a custom solution for every event. Whether making impactful impressions at trade show exhibitions, enhancing the events, or amplifying marketing & advertising campaigns.

    Tailored Solutions for Trade Show Exhibitions

    It shines as an all-around solution for trade shows. That offers customizable layouts tailored to booth specifications. Its creative design and simple installation make it the perfect choice for creating exhibits that grab visitors’ attention. This display provides seamless integration of branding and messaging. Thus, enhancing the brand presence and capturing potential clients and partners. That eventually leads to business success.

    Some applications of display booths in trade shows:
    • Standout Booth Designs:- Due to its adaptable layout options and customizable features. It enables you to create impressive exhibits that stand out from the crowd.
    • Maximizing Visibility and Engagement:- Because of its strategic arrangement and eye-catching design. It attracts the attention of visitors and hence results in increased marketing opportunities.
    • Attracting Potential Clients and Partners:- Because of its stylish design and adjustable elements. It makes it an inviting environment. Hence, preparing the ground for valuable connections and business opportunities.

    Enhancing Events with Modular Displays

    It provides a smooth integration that improves surroundings and engagement. Whether at company events, product presentations, or exhibits to promote products. It offers a flexible nature and the availability of various customized features. Therefore, delivering a personalized approach that goes well with the goals of the event.

    Some applications of display booths in events:
    • Creating Memorable Event Experiences:- Due to its flexible design and engaging elements. It transforms event venues into immersive branded experiences. That lives on well beyond the event.
    • Interactive Display Solutions:- With features like touch screens, product demonstrations, and virtual experiences. It engages the audience in more depth. Thus, encouraging active participation and creative research.
    • Seamless Integration with Event Themes and Objectives:- Whether it's aligning with a specific brand message or complementing the overall event aesthetic. It allows for effortless adaptation with adjustable features.

    Leveraging Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

    It is an asset in marketing & advertisement activities. It provides a dynamic stage to display the brands and products. This display system is an effective tool for communicating. Thus, drives engagement and strengthens brand awareness. Whether it is a trade show, event, or retail environment. Its customizable design and eye-catching display reach the target audience. Thus, bringing out the best in campaign outcomes.

    Some applications of display booths in marketing & advertising:
    • Captivating Brand Presentations:- Its customizable features and unique design allow for visually stunning displays. Therefore, capturing the attention of the audience, engaging them, and increasing brand awareness.
    • Strategic Placement for Maximum Exposure:- One of the most critical aspects of effective display advertisements is positioning the display strategically. That ensures to align with foot traffic and event flow. So, this helps maximize their exposure and effectively reach their target audience. Hence, driving engagement and generating leads.
    • Driving Brand Awareness and Recall:- It effectively captures attention. By showing branded messaging and vibrant graphics in high-traffic areas at events. Therefore leaving a lasting impression.

    Customization Options in Modco Modular Display 3, 10 X 10 ft.

    With its many customization features, you can tailor your display to match your brand identity. Using these personalized graphics, colours, and branding elements. You stand out from the crowd and therefore, leave a lasting impression. You can customize everything from the design of the booth layout to the interactive features according to your marketing needs

    Graphics and Branding Integration

    Enhance your brand impact with consistent graphics and branding implementation. Using the ModCo Modular Display 3, 10×10 fit configuration. With a visually attractive display that effectively shows your brand's personality. Use personalized elements like vibrant graphics and custom logos to help promote your brand identity.

    Configurations for Different Settings

    Find versatile configurations in the ModCo Modular Display 3. It is designed for different surroundings. Whether it is a trade show, event, or retail space it adjusts the display to suit every situation. Thus, allowing it to smoothly shift from one environment to another. While maintaining a professional and impactful presence.

    Additional Accessories and Enhancements

    Upgrade your display with the extra accessories and add-ons. Available for the ModCo Modular Display 3. With features, ranging from lighting options to interactive elements. You can personalize your display setup as per your needs. Thus, allowing you to showcase your brand efficiently. And also, help create a memorable experience for your audience.

    Why Choose Anything Display Company to Buy Modco Modular Trade Show Display?

    Choose Anything Display for your ModCo Modular Display 3 purchases, the main difference is price. With a strong focus on quality assurance. We ensure that each display is carefully manufactured. We also offer extensive customization options. Thus, allowing you to personalize the display to perfectly meet your brand's identity.

    Benefit from our team’s many years of experience. And a commitment to support you through every step of the process. We take pride in our timely delivery and make sure that your display reaches you in time. Additionally, we also provide the best prices without compromising on quality. Hence, making it the right value for money for your events and marketing purposes. Upgrade your brand's presence today by choosing Anything Display for your booth displays.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q:- Is ModCo Modular Display 3 available in different sizes and configurations?

    Ans:- Yes. We provide a variety of sizes and designs to meet your different demands and spaces. Whether you have a compact setup or a larger configuration. It will adapt to all environments. Providing the right solution for the appropriate display need.

    Q:- How easy is it to set up and take down?

    Ans:- Simple instructions are provided for ease of setup and breakdown. The process is quick and easy requiring little effort and fewer tools. Thus, the whole process of assembling and dismantling has been made easy for the user.

    Q:- What kind of materials are used to make the display?

    Ans:- The displays are made out of high-quality materials. Like aluminum lightweight frames, rigid plastic connectors, and customizable fabric panels. Thus making it durable, portable, and able to show graphics smoothly.

    Q:- Does the display include any accessories or add-ons?

    Ans:- Yes, it comes with a variety of accessories and add-ons. Designed to improve its functionality and customization options. They include lighting fixtures, shelving units, brochure holders, graphic panels, carrying cases, and more based on your requirements.

    Q:- How much does it weigh, and how portable is it?

    Ans:- The weight and portability can change depending on the configuration and accessories. Generally, it is designed to be portable and lightweight. Thus, making access to trade shows, events, and other promotional activities more convenient.

    Q:- Is the display suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

    Ans:- Most of the display booths are meant for use in indoor areas. But it can also be used outdoors under appropriate conditions. Yet, it is also important to pay attention to other factors. Like weather resistance, reliability, and protection against elements such as rain and wind. Also, depending on your unique needs, further adjustments may be needed.

    Q:- Does the display include any warranty or guarantee?

    Ans:- Yes it comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty on hardware. The warranty includes defects in the materials. Like hardware or workmanship, for a specified time. Offering you a sense of security from any potential issues. For further information, you can also go through the warranty terms provided.

    Q:- Is there an option of renting or leasing rather than buying?

    Ans:- No. Here at Anything Display, we do not rent or lease any modular displays kit. We only sell them.

    Q:- How can we get a quote or price information?

    Ans:- Quote and pricing are available on our official website www.anythingdisplay.com and feel free to go ahead and check out our website. But, if you need a custom solution, please contact marketing@anythingdisplay.com  and get the quotation at your request.


  • Assembled Dimension: 117.375"W  x 96.25"H x 17"D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 102"L x 49.5"W x 44.5"H 
  • Shipping Weight: 1415 bs (total)
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Shelving along back wall 
  • Covered perforations 

Graphic Specifications:

  • Graphic Material: Dye sublimated 
  • Print Turn Time: 3 - 5 business days after proof approval
  • Next day print is available
  • Rush orders must submit print ready art by noon

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