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20 x 10 ft. Modco 10 (Graphic Package)

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Modco Modular Display 10, 20 x 10 ft (Graphic Package)

Transform your booth space into a high-impact, interactive display area with our Modco Modular Display 10 exhibit booth. This three-dimensional pre-designed exhibit booth creates an inviting space for you to comfortably interact with customers while showing off your brand and also features a handy storage closet. This booth is built with perforated frames that connect using simple toolless pin connectors. The perforated holes in the frame sections reduce the weight and allow for customization. We print custom double-sided stretch fabric graphics for the entire exhibit, the perforations are completely covered for a flawless finish.

Explore with stylish universe of changeable displays featuring Modco Modular Display 10. This innovative system of function and fashion assembles exceptionally well. Thus, in turn giving businesses powerful platforms for the demonstration of their brand. By having a modular design and customized components. It allows for building captivating displays. That suits individual needs setting the stage for success already at trade shows or events.

Overview of the Modco Modular Display 10 system

The Modco Modular Display System 10 is an ideal option. For those looking for adaptability and dynamism while displaying their products. Its modular structure gives the possibility of easy personalization. And modifications of the platform for different event spaces. The construction is strong and the design is attractive. This system provides durability without sacrificing the look. Whether it's for shows, exhibitions, or events, the display system captures the brand experience. Hence, creating an environment conducive to effective marketing engagement.

The 20 x 10 ft. configuration and its features

Modco Modular Display 10 with a configuration of 20 x 20 feet has a spacious area. That allows exhibitors to showcase their brands and make a strong impression on the audience. With a bigger space of 20 x 20 ft., that is double the size of a standard 10x10 ft. configuration. This booth enables much more space for expression and engagement. Features include individualizable graphic sections, different layout configurations, and technological matters integration. Whether it is used to create a realistic environment or to showcase a product offering. The 20 x 10 ft. display has no competition in attention-getting and diversity among the exhibitors during trade shows or events.

Graphic Package Customization in Modco modular display 10

The display 10, 20x20 ft Modco Modular provides a unique and personalized space for brand representation. With the addition of graphic package customization. Hence it helps brands to convey their character through personalized visuals, logos, and messages. Through a range of materials and printing techniques. The exhibitors are free to create innovative and visually appealing booths. That will match their brand aesthetics and the desired marketing outcomes. Customized graphic packages, ranging from eye-catching banners to sophisticated signage. Guarantees that every element of the display embodies the brand's essence. And connects with the intended audience. Thereby optimizing interaction and brand awareness at events and trade exhibitions.

Options for customizing graphics and branding

In Modco Modular Display 10, 20x20 ft setting, the booth owners have different possibilities to present their graphics and marketing tools to meet their demands. It includes the capacity to remodel the image of company brands, colors, and messages in different visualization formats like banners, panels, and signage. Besides that, exhibitors have a chance to select from a wide range of printing techniques. As well as materials like glossy and matte to match their brand's look and feel, bright and attention-grabbing, or professional and classy. Through these personalized features, businesses can produce a consistent and effective brand impact. Thus, setting them apart from the rest of the exhibitors while connecting and engaging with attendees.

Benefits of personalized visuals for brand recognition

Personalized visuals can bring about very many advantages when choosing Modco Modular Display 20x20 ft configuration for brand visibility. By using company logos, colors, and messaging in the display. The businesses in turn create a unified image that the attendees relate with. This way of consistency contributes to the increase of visitors' awareness and encourages recall. Thus, helping them, in the future, to recognize the brand and interact with it. Additionally, personalized visuals distinguish the brand from the competition. Therefore, offering the possibility for the brand to stand out and shine in a crowded show space. In essence, using visuals in the display of a brand increases the visibility of a brand, builds connections with customers, and finally, drives the growth of the business.

Advantages of Modco Modular Display 10, 20 x 10 ft. Configuration

The 20 x 10 ft. configuration in the modular display provides many benefits for exhibitors. While having a two times greater area than a standard one. It provides more space that could be used in the modernization of the booth and presentation. The bigger display boosts presence and generates interaction. In the end, this leads to better results of the promotional activity on trade shows and events.

Increased display space for enhanced visibility

Among our proposed modular display 10 is the 20 x 10 configuration. Unlike typical configurations, it is much bigger. Therefore enhances our visibility on the trade show booth. Since such displays allow more room for product ads, videos, and logos brands. It draws viewers in from far away. Hence have them step closer to the booth for further engagement. Such visibility aids in the prominence of the brand in comparison with others in that field of business. Ultimately, it leaves a permanent mark in customers' minds and drives people to the display.

Flexibility in layout and presentation options

The 20 x 10 ft. configuration in the display allows you to be creative with the layout and presentation options. Giving you more control. Exhibitors can carefully plan out their display elements. Including product showcases, interactive features, and seating areas, for a seamless and engaging booth. This can be a good flexible strategy that can be adapted to achieve the objectives of different events and preferences of audiences. Thus, it will make the presentation dynamic and effective for trade shows and events.

Features of Modco Modular Display 10

Modco Modular Display 10 provides a salable opportunity for exhibitors. Its modular design makes it simple to customize and reorganize according to your choices. Among other things, businesses can effectively showcase their brand's personality and message via customizable graphics and signage. Designed to be durable, the stage is built with the construction that will last. Guaranteeing its ability to function for multiple event appearances. Its flexible layout variants create a platform for different presentation styles. Such as product showcases or shopping interactions. The modular display is already equipped with integrated technology solutions. And thus providing the attendee with an exceptional experience. As well as make it a stand-out option for both trade shows and events.

Structural components and assembly process

The display is made of high-quality structural parts and comes with an easy-to-install guide. The modular framework of this tool is so intuitively constructed. So that users can set it up as quickly as possible without the use of special tools. The showcased components can be connected using very simple and straightforward assembly techniques. Ensuring the hassle-free and seamless installation process. With less downtime and more efficiency thanks to this faster assembly process. Exhibitors at trade fairs and events can concentrate on making powerful presentations and interacting with attendees.

Integration of technology and interactive elements

The display makes full use of technology and enables interactive features to improve attendee engagement. Creating awe-inspiring 3D effects by merging virtual and physical components. Exhibitors can include digital displays, interactive kiosks, virtual reality setups, and lighting effects. Thus, making their presentations dynamic and attractive. With the help of such technology tools, businesses can deliver their message, and showcase products easily. And get access to the crucial data from the attendants. Such integration of technology not only draws attention but also creates bonding. Therefore guarantees a long-lasting impression among attendees that drives brand awareness and loyalty.

Modco Modular Display 10 Applications and Benefits

The Modco Modular Display 10 is built with a lot of uses in mind. And they go beyond trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and corporate events. Not only this, but its multi functional characteristics as well as adaptive properties cater to various branding goals and event purposes. Making it unique. As exhibitors raise their brand awareness, intensify it, and be able to create attractive and effective presentations. They will benefit from increased brand visibility, deepened audience interaction, and presentation effectiveness. Featuring a robust build and hassle-free assembly system. It is an economical choice for companies that want to increase their level of marketing and present themselves favorably in a crowded event space.

Utilization of Modco Modular Display 10 in trade shows, events, and exhibitions

The exhibit solution of the Modco Modular displays is a multipurpose solution that has a large scale of usage in trade shows, events, and exhibitions. This approach has been characterized by its modular design and capacity for customization. Making it a perfect fit for any event layout as well as the brand’s needs. They can successfully organize products, services, and brand presentations. In a manner that catches the attention of attendants and provokes interest. Be it for product demonstrations, brand presentations, or networking sessions. Modco's Display 10 is possibly the best thing for any business seeking. As it leaves a significant mark and majorly expands its influence at the trade shows and events.

Advantages for marketing, advertising, and brand promotion

Modco Exhibit 10 is a modular display that is meant for marketing, advertising, as well as publicity. This type of advertisement can be personalized using graphics in brand colors or brand identity. Therefore, it increases the branding of a particular business. Many exhibitors may enjoy the increase in foot traffic of customers promoted by the enhanced visibility and engagement. Creating more leads with higher qualification levels. Subsequently leading to a rise in sales. Moreover, the system is designed in a way that allows you to display your products and advertise them at a low price. This is because it is modular. Thus, it offers flexibility in entertainment for various platforms. In conclusion, the 10 Display at the Modco Modular Expo is a great venue to increase marketing campaigns and build brand recognition. Thus, achieving marketing goals for businesses, especially during trade exhibitions and exhibits.

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*** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty on Hardware

Features and Benefits:

  • Flawless finish with covered Perforations
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Tool-free assembly
  • storage closet

Package Includes:

  • SEG Dye Sub Fabric Graphics w/ integrated Blockout
  • Frame
  • Heavy Duty Crate 

Setting up art filesClick here for Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Template Artwork Template for Modco 10  
Setup Instructions Set-up Instructions for Modco 10
Specifications Modco 10 - Spec Sheet


  • Display Dimensions: 117"W x 95"H x 117"D
  • Graphic Dimensions: 117.125"W x 95.25"H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 104"L x 54"W x 44"H
  • Shipping Weight: 265 lbs (frames, graphics, and crate)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Toolless assembly


  • SEG Dye Sub Fabric Graphics w/ integrated blockout
  • (6) 992x2418 Frames
  • (8) 180° Straight Connectors
  • (8) 180° Barrel Connectors
  • (2) 90° Top/Bottom Connectors
  • (2) 90° Middle Connectors
  • (9) Clip Connectors
  • (24) Pin Connectors
  • (24) Frame Protectors
  • (3) Cover Profiles
  • (1) Heavy Duty Pallet

Graphic Specifications:

  • Graphic Material: SEG Dye Sub Fabric Graphics w/ integrated Blockout
  • Print Turn Time-: 3-5 days after approval 
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