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20 x 10 ft. Modco 15 (Graphic Package)

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Modco Modular Display 15, 20 x 10 ft, (Graphic Package)

The Modco 15 is a pre-designed modular display. The 20’ x 10’ display features two separate 10’x 10’ exhibit rooms. The display provides ample opportunities to display your logo on all sides. Each room has a door with a lock and key. The Modco Modular Displays utilize toolless spring-tabs for easy set-up and rapid take-down. The custom SEG (silicone edge graphics) graphics boldly display your message. The stretch fabric features Block Out technology ensuring your message remains vivid even when stretched for a seamless, finished appearance.

The Modco Modular Display 15 comprises a fully pre-designed configuration, measuring 20x10 ft. Offering a complete three-dimensional display solution. This system comprises two separate 10' x 10' exhibit rooms. Using frames made of tool-free modules of perforated modular aluminum, we have built these rooms elegantly and dynamically. Thus, providing several different-sized frames. With pin connectors in such a manner that they can easily snap together to create a structure. Every single room has a door, a lockset closure connected to a latch and a key. In other words, the perforations completely hide, giving the end product a neat and clean appearance.

Innovative 20’x10’ fit, Modco Modular Display 15 Design

Your exhibition center gets another level of vibe and quality with this 3D design. Here, our expert artisans come together to create this custom-designed masterpiece. Blending both form and function. While providing an aesthetically pleasing three-dimensional display space for your brand. This module is both visually appealing and functional. It is an immediate attention grabber when exhibited at trade shows and events. Take up the challenge of professionalism and hit the bullseye of your audience.

Utilizing tool-free perforated modular aluminum frames for quick and easy setup

Experience fast and easy installation with the Modco Modular Display 15, 20x10 ft (Graphic Package). This display has an innovative tool-free system. It uses perforated modular aluminum frames therefore making setup quick and hassle-free. These kits eliminate the need to spend a significant amount of time and effort in setting up and disassembling screens. It significantly lightens your workload at every event. Thus, allowing you to set the purpose of your display to create an unforgettable experience. Instead of having to focus on the setup.

Seamless connection of multiple-size frames using tool-less pin connectors

The 20 x 10 ft display comes with easy link frames of different dimensions. Because of convenient tool-less pin and snap connectors, it is easy to connect. The connection system we have can create an unbroken connection for the final display. With easy set-up and disassembly, it eliminates the necessity for any supplemental tools. Hence, allowing you to reap the benefits of exhibitions. Showcasing your brand more effectively at trade shows and events.

Incorporating innovative design features for enhanced versatility and flexibility

The innovative design of our elements increases the product's adaptability. Thus, allowing it to conform to different spaces via adding the 20x10 ft Modco Modular Display 15. The ability to switch between different setups gives you all the freedom needed to build custom presentations. From being able to accommodate different layouts to choosing your components. This display gives you a free hand in showing your branding. Hence allowing you to impress your audience at different occasions and trade shows.

Spacious Exhibit Rooms

The display comes in wide options with the impressive 20 x 10 ft dimensions. These large spaces have generous floor areas. As a result, provides a comprehensive visual and interactive experience, displaying products and engaging viewers. So, amplify your brand's visibility, with the freedom to create engaging and memorable displays.

Providing two separate 10' x 10' exhibit rooms for ample display space

Experience the generous exhibition area with the modco displays. With two separate 10’ x 10' exhibition rooms. Such big spaces are great for demonstrating the products you offer. Thus, building fruitful relations with potential customers. Take advantage of customized exhibition spaces specifically designed to address your marketing objectives. Helping you achieve your brand's purpose at trade shows and events.

Offering a stylish and lively environment to showcase products and engage visitors

With the Modco Modular Display 20 x 10 ft, create a compelling display of products. An interactive environment where visitors can access the products in a stylish and dynamic space. Moreover, the presence of bright colors makes the entire experience more memorable. Therefore, encouraging people to linger around. Interacting with your brand and fellow art appreciators. So, enhance the value you provide at the exhibitions and conferences. With modco modular displays that no one can stop wondering about.

Ensuring privacy and security with doors featuring locksets and keys for each room

Since your privacy and safety are our top concern. The 20 x 10 ft display comes with separate door locks and keys for each of the rooms. Securing your valuable exhibits and assets during trade shows and events. Thanks for the thoughtful addition. It thus provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on engaging with visitors. Knowing that you have secured your display and protected your assets. Hence, preserving your good reputation at events.

Premium Construction and Finish

Bring home the experience of premium craftsmanship with the Modco Modular Displays 15, 20x10 ft. Crafted in a tailored manner with outstanding quality. Because of its fine finishing features and superb quality construction. This exhibit thus guarantees timelessness and an attractive outlook for the display. So, lift your brand's image with first-class products featured in trade shows and other events. Thus, impressing your target audience with quality and sophistication.

Utilizing high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity

Crafted with materials that withstand the weather, this display is resilient. The 20 x 10 ft Modco Modular Display Unit 15 is a sturdy piece of equipment. Therefore, ensuring longevity and durability. It is this dedication to excellence that provides long-term value for our customers. Thus, ensuring their displays always look great and attracting visitors at any trade show or event. So, settle for nothing short of dependability. And hence, rest assured with a screen that exceeds the expectations of a display.

Achieving a flawless finish by completely covering perforations for a polished appearance

The 20x10 ft Modco Modular Display 15 is a perfect option for you. The design meticulously camouflages the perforations to achieve a seamless appearance, reflecting detail in the arrangement for a professional look. Therefore, making it essential for an enjoyable viewing experience. Leave your customers feeling impressed by your exhibition. With displays reflecting professionalism and refinement at trade shows and events.

Enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal with attention to detail in construction and finish

Make the presentation of your products stand out. Pay close attention to every tiny detail in your product's construction and finish. This modular display is an exquisite display incorporating 20x10 ft space is a symbol of sophistication. The designers meticulously craft every feature to create a dramatic visual effect. Creating a display that emphasizes the excellence that your brand possesses at trade shows or special events. Thus, achieving your goal of standing out from the crowd.

Ease of Setup and Dismantling

Make setup and dismantling easy with the modco displays. It aims to simplify the construction and disassembly of displays. It’s easy to dismantle characteristic features that allow you to switch scenic designs from one function to the other. Saving time and effort. The optimized process of mounting devices helps to make it fast and effortless. Therefore, enabling devotion of time to brand showcasing.

Facilitating a hassle-free setup process with tool-free assembly

Simplify your set-up through the Modco Modular Display 15, 20x10 ft. An exhibition stand system that does not require any tools for installation. This configuration guarantees fast and hassle-free installation. Thus, making assembly easier. It assumes easy operation and leaves you to the task of producing a mesmerizing display. Now you don't have to take the extra effort to bring additional tools. Whether it is for trade shows or events you can set it up easily.

Simplifying transportation and storage with easy dismantling and compact packaging

Make your campaign more effective in both transportation and storage by having the modco modular displays. This approach helps to avoid inconvenience as it enables swift assembly and disassembly. It can be disassembled easily and stored compactly in its packaging. Making it effortless to carry with you to the upcoming trade show or event. So, benefit from a streamlined setup with small packages and efficient logistics operations. Conveniently fitting for your exhibiting objectives.

Saving time and labor costs by minimizing the need for specialized tools or expertise

The 20 ft x 10 ft display system 15 is a good choice as it will save valuable time and labor costs. In addition, the system does not require any specialized tools or expertise. With its easy-to-set-up and assembly design. It guarantees that it takes a quick and efficient implementation. By removing the complex layouts. Enjoying the conversation with the potential customers. Capitalizing on the opportunity for your business. Thus, creating an immersive experience at shows and events. Making these platforms more efficient and effective.

Versatile Application and Customization

Open up to endless new opportunities with the modular display. It comes with a 20 x 10 ft modco modular unit. Since, designed to be versatile and adaptable for various applications and customizations. It quickly adapts to varying exhibition environments. The modular booth configurations are flexible. Therefore, allows for easy customization to meet any branding requirement. Through flexible customization, you can develop an impressive presentation. Catching the attention of your target audience at trade shows and events.

Adapting to various exhibition environments and booth configurations

Achieve adaptability at its best with the Modco Modular Display 15. It provides a convenient solution. Whether it is a small trade show booth or a large-scale event space. Due to its different dimensions and booth configurations of the exhibition environment. This highly customizable display easily adjusts to different settings. Keeping flexibility in mind, we provide opportunities to make you visible at every exhibition. Therefore, allowing your brand to stay on top of the game in any environment.

Providing opportunities for customization to align with specific branding and messaging

Upgrade your brand identity with Modco’s modular display’s. Enjoy an array of customizable configurations. Designed to correspond to your unique branding and communication content. Starting from graphics to the signage and continuing with the layout configurations. Design every element to reflect your brand and communicate your message in the right style and manner. Stand out as the one who has a lasting effect on your audience. Using a display tailored to your audience's needs at trade shows and events.

Offering flexibility for future modifications or expansions to meet evolving needs

Always remain ahead of the curve with the modco modular display screens. It allows you to have the flexibility of adding modifications or making changes to fit your ever-evolving needs. The display is compatible with every change and modification. Whether updating to newer graphics, adding new components, or reconfiguring the layout. You can seamlessly accommodate any changes in your branding or messages. Embrace the versatility and make sure your presence at trade shows and events remains dynamic and noticeable today as well as in the future.

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  • Display Dimensions: 234"W x 95.25"H x 97.5"D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 104"L x 54"W x 44"H 
  • Shipping Weight: 1167lbs (frames, graphics, and crate)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Two exhibit rooms
  • Doors with lock and key 

Graphic Specifications:

  • Graphic Material: SEG Dye Sub Fabric Graphics w/ integrated Blockout
  • Print Turn Time-: 3-5 days after approval 

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