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20 x 10 ft. Modco 20 (Graphic Package)

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Modco Modular Display 20, 20 x 10 ft. (Graphic Package)

The Modco 20 is a pre-designed modular display. The 20’ x 10’ display features two separate 10ft x 10ft exhibit areas that are open in the front. The Modco 20 provides you with ample opportunity to promote your logo on all sides. The Modco Modular Displays utilize toolless spring-tabs for easy set-ups and rapid take-downs. The custom SEG (silicone edge graphics) graphics boldly display your message. The stretch fabric features Block Out technology ensuring your message remains vivid even when stretched for a seamless, finished appearance.

Experience the diversity with Modco modular display 20, 20 x 10 ft. (Graphic Package). Specifically made for 20 x 10 feet exhibit space. The goal of this modular system is to make a difference by helping you stand out from your competition. Hence, creating a breathtaking yet convenient business environment for trade shows and events.

In addition to the fashionable design and captivating graphics. The Modco 20 will make your brand shine. While at the same time setting it apart from competitors when it comes to standing out. Explore the endless possibilities of your creative and branding work. Because that will allow you to involve your audience and create an impression that lasts.

Let the display booths of the new generation welcome you to tomorrow's exhibiting with a Modco display kit.

Maximize Your Impact with the 20 x 10 ft. Modco 20 Display

The 20 x 10 Ft. Modco 20 (Graphic Package) will completely change how you impact and create trade shows and exhibitions. Its variety of adaptable configurations guarantees that it can be easily installed into any type of venue layout. The striking graphics will attract visitors to your exhibition. The facility is large enough to take care of demonstrations and engagements. Therefore, can keep the audience busy and leave something memorable behind. An outstanding professional presentation induces credibility in your organization. So that your brand stands out in the market niche. The ease of setup will save hours of precious time. Thus, allowing you to focus on heartfelt communications that will determine the outcome of every event.

Graphic Package Customization in Modco 20

The 20 x 10 Ft. Modco 20 (Graphic Package) provides a unique and personalized space for brand representation. With the addition of graphic package customization. Hence it helps brands to convey their character through personalized visuals, logos, and messages. Through a range of materials and printing techniques. The exhibitors are free to create innovative and visually appealing booths and exhibits. That will match their brand aesthetics and the desired marketing outcomes. Customized graphic packages, ranging from eye-catching banners to sophisticated signage. Thus, guaranteeing that every element of the display embodies the brand's essence. And connects with the intended audience. Therefore, optimizing interaction and brand awareness at events and trade exhibitions.

Advantages of Using Modco 20 Modular Display at Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Get more from your exhibition stand with the Modco display kit. Its modular design features a wide variety of layouts. So that it can be adapted to any booth size or layout. Therefore, to ensure its maximum adaptability to trade shows and exhibitions.

Customization: With fully customized designs and branding choices. You can create an image completely in line with your company's identity. Leaving a deep impression on the audience. Modco 20 sets your booth apart from competitors with its sleek and professional appearance. Thus, translating to credibility and customer attraction.

Setting-up: Easy assemblage and dismantling help you save time and effort. It simplifies your exhibiting process. With durability in mind, the Modco 20 is designed to be sturdy and reliable. Giving a long-term value for your purchase. With its generous area, it offers enough space for various product presentations, hands-on sessions, and lively conversations. Therefore, creating a comfortable environment for your customers.

Easy to move around: The Modco 20 is highly compact and portable. It is easy for transportation and storage between events. Thus, guaranteeing comfort and efficiency during your exhibiting experiences.

Make your trade show presence stand out with the Modco modular display. And carry the product's benefits with you at your event.

Design and Customization Options

Modco 20 opens for you the space of possibilities where you can explore any option that will brighten your idea. Differentiate and align the exhibition with your organization’s image and character with a few efforts. By utilizing a modular layout system that enables you to tailor it to your individual needs and add custom graphics. This exhibit system thus allows you to have a unique and exclusive showcase.

So, help your brand expand to trade shows and events through Modco's many options for custom-made booths and exhibits.

Assembly and Setup

Our sturdy booth design is simple for you to assemble and set up. Giving your exhibit a well-organized and professional look. The user-friendly instructions give you a step-by-step guide. Therefore, allowing you to avoid complex tools and challenging the need for intensive expertise. Having an intuitive design and modular components makes the display assembly simple and fast. Thus, allowing you to have free time and money at your disposal. Whether you're a regular exhibitor or a new visitor. Our efficient setup enables a stress-free meeting for everyone. As a result, it enables you to concentrate on the quality of your presentation and engage the audience.

Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

The assembly is very easy thanks to our step-by-step creation instructions. Each instruction works out the details. Leading you without a single fault from beginning to end. Crystal-clear diagrams and clear explanations ensure clarity at every stage of the process. So that you can build your display with confidence and ease. Starting with connecting modules to covering the graphics. Our clear instructions ensure that everyone understands without any doubt. Consequently, thus making the setup process is easy and fast. Now, you do not need to forget about complexity or wonder how to disassemble objects easily. Because you have what you need - our simple guide.

Tools Required for Setup

You no longer have to worry about a wiring mess. We offer modular displays that are easy to use. And does not require any complicated equipment. We design our displays for a hassle-free setup with minimal tools required. You just need to use a basic set of tools such as screwdrivers and Allen keys. And then, you can build your display. In doing so, we guarantee that the process of tool setup is easy and inclusive. Regardless of who is in charge or how much experience they have. Make your setup easy with our products.

Tips for Efficient Setup and Dismantling

Utilize our tips to ensure that the exhibition process will be smooth. With the efficient setup and dismantling of the booths and exhibits. Begin with an organization by labeling components. Then follow a logical and sequential method during assembly. Use teamwork to delegate tasks and speed up the process. So that everything will be working perfectly and on time. Whilst dismantling, take care to pack components properly. To prevent damage and also for the ease of future use.

Benefits of Choosing 20 x 10ft, Modco 20 (Graphic Package) to Capture Audience Attention

Selecting the Modco 20 x 10ft for your exhibiting purposes will offer you different advantages. These are meant to get the attention of your audience and enhance your impact. The Modco 20 offers a wide size and smart layout. It will give you the room to display your products well. While still making sure the visitors effectively interact with you. Together with the graphic package it enables your brand message to be conveyed effectively. With all the clarity and brightness it makes you stand out right away among the people passing by. The modular nature of it makes it possible for it to be configured in many different modes. That can thus be used for your needs and creating a visually appealing exhibition.

The Modco 20's sleek and modern design speaks highly of your brand, which creates an impression of confidence and trust in prospects. The installation can be completed quickly and easily. Hence, minimize the time spent on logistics and maximize the time of staying in touch with the audience. The long life of the Modco display kit makes it an investment worth the money. Beat the competition and stay in the audience’s mind long after with the Modco 20 Exhibition Stand. That is your ultimate visual aid tool for capturing audience attention at trade shows and exhibitions.

Spacious Exhibit Rooms

The display comes in wide options with the impressive 20 x 10 ft dimensions. These large spaces have generous floor areas. As a result, it provides a comprehensive visual and interactive experience. Displaying products and engaging viewers. So, amplify your brand's visibility, with the freedom to create engaging and memorable displays.

Premium Construction and Finish

Bring home the experience of premium craftsmanship with the Modco modular display. It is crafted in a tailored manner with outstanding quality. Because of its fine finishing features and superb quality construction. This exhibit thus guarantees timelessness and an attractive outlook for the display. So, lift your brand's image with first-class products featured in trade shows and other events. Thus, impressing your target audience with quality and sophistication.

Ease of Setup and Dismantling

Make setup and dismantling easy with the Modco display kit. It aims to simplify the construction and disassembly of displays. It’s easy to dismantle characteristic features that allow you to switch scenic designs from one function to the other. Thus saving time and effort. The optimized process of mounting devices helps to make it fast and effortless. Therefore, enabling devotion of time to brand showcasing.

Stand Out and Succeed with Modco 20 Modular Display

The Modco 20 Modular Display will distinguish you from your competitors and lead to success. The ground-breaking design and configurable settings guarantee that your brand is seen. And remembered at trade shows and exhibitions despite the competition. With an impressive and professional look combined with massive quality graphics. The Modco 20 successfully captures visitors’ attention. Leaving a lasting mark on them. Take your exhibition to the next level with our Modco 20 Modular Display. The ideal choice for displaying your company’s edge.

Why Choose Anything Display to Buy Modco Modular Display 20, 20 x 10 ft (Graphic Package)

We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-range products at affordable prices. Ensuring you get the most for your money. The quality of our products is our priority. This means that you can rely on our modular displays. We offer to be durable and stable in any situation, therefore creating a sense of security at your event. Come to Anything Display, a company that offers more affordable prices. And the best quality products to be your one-stop shop for all the events you are part of.

Experience the difference with the "Anything Display" technology. Bringing your exhibiting game to a whole new level without the costly expense. Our modular displays with a graphic package add an affordable and high-quality product to your exhibit. You can use it at trade shows and exhibitions to promote your business and requirements with colorful and catchy graphics. Don't compromise on excellence – Anything Display is the best choice for your next display project.


  • Display Dimensions: 234"W x 92.25"H x 95.25"D
  • Graphic Dimensions: 118.375"W x 96.25"H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 104"L x 54"W x 44"H 
  • Shipping Weight: 919lbs (frames, graphics, and crate)
  • Aluminum frame

Graphic Specifications:

  • Graphic Material: SEG Dye Sub Fabric Graphics w/ integrated Blockout
  • Print Turn Time-: 3-5 days after approval 

Downloads: Modco 20

Artwork Template Artwork Template for Modco 20  
Setup InstructionsSet-up Instructions for Modco 20
Specifications Modco 20 - Spec Sheet

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