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10 x 10 ft. Modco 4 (Graphic Package)

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Modco Modular Display 4 10 x 10 ft (Graphic Package)

This beautiful 3-Dimensional 10ft by 10ft peninsula style Modco modular display has a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion frames and push-fit SEG fabric graphics for a stylish and finished look. Along with offering a wide variety of custom configurations, this modular trade show display can also come with useful or stylish additions such as doors, additional back or side walls and shelving. The extrusion based frame is user friendly, with tool free set up and take down making travel far easier. Safely transports in wooden crate, included with purchase.

The Modco Modular Display 4 is a pre-designed three-dimensional 10 x 10 ft exhibit booth. It is crafted to be a portable, reusable, and customizable exhibit solution. Ranging from trade shows, and events to exhibitions. This is a stunning 3-dimensional Modco Modular Display 4, 10x10 ft (Graphic Package) peninsula-style modular display. It is made with heavy-duty aluminum extrusion frames and push-fit SEG fabric graphics that have a finished look. With its modular framework, the platform makes it easy for exhibitors to design stunning displays.

In addition to the custom configurations, this modular display can also have extra accessories like doors, supplemental backwalls, or sidewalls and shelves. This frame is user-friendly as it does not need the use of tools when setting and dismantling. Thus, making traveling far more convenient. Specific to their brand and messaging. The package features a high graphics quality. Thus, giving it a professional and uniform appearance. With its long-lasting construction and easy setting, up. It ultimately makes it the ideal choice for exhibitors looking to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Maximize Your Presence with Modco Modular Display 4

Whether in a trade show or exhibition environment, our Modco Modular Display kit helps you to get the most out of your product presence. By providing a choice of flexible and adaptable exhibition methods. Thanks to its easily adaptable architecture and stunningly vibrant imagery. You can craft visuals that bring people’s attention and align with your brand identity. Since its construction is stable. Its set up is so simple that you will save time on the setup and get time to engage the crowd and leave behind an impression.

1. Versatile Solutions for Every Venue

With our modular displays, you can have some very versatile solutions that cater to any venue you could possibly need. Its modular nature is an advantage. Because of this, it can easily be customized to suit different booth sizes and configurations. Be it trade shows, events, or exhibitions. This display system guarantees that your brand always leaves a mark in any environment.

2. Seamless Integration: Perfect Fit for 10 X 10 Spaces

It is easily installed into 10 x 10 booth spaces and ensures a flawless adjustment. Whether it is a trade show or an exhibition atmosphere. With the help of its precise engineering, the installation of your booth will go smoothly. With Modco, you will be able to define all possible functional uses without wasting any square inch. Choose Modco and make every inch count and create a lasting impact on the audience.

3. Dynamic Graphic Package: Elevate Your Branding

Change your trade show booth’s bland graphic panels with our modular display’s artistic graphic package. With custom features personalized for your brand specifically. These visually appealing graphics will hold your audience’s attention. Hence, conveying your message clearly and concisely. With Modco, reveal your brand in its best light. Therefore, creating a long-lasting impression that goes beyond the boundaries of the event.

4. Modular Flexibility: Tailor Your Display to Your Needs

With our Modco modular display kit, adaptability is literally at your fingertips. Whether you need a simple backdrop, an interactive booth, or a product display. Size your exhibit according to your particular needs. With its modular design, it allows you to quickly set and rearrange your screens. Thus, enabling it to adapt to your changing requirements and purposes.

5. Effortless Assembly: Spend Less Time Setting Up, More Time Engaging

With our modular displays you can easily set up your exhibit, with just minimal effort. Say no to the confusing assembly procedures. And enjoy the bonus of unlimited time to interact with your audience. Since this system was created for convenience. It provides an efficient setup that would help you concentrate on what is important. That is, networking and achieving results at trade shows and exhibitions.

Stand Out at Trade Shows with Modco Modular Display 4

Stand out at trade shows with Modco Modular Display 4. A dynamic modular trade show design. This exhibit is precisely engineered to prove itself by leading your brand to seize the scene amongst competitors. Due to its customizable design, top-level graphics, and seamless integration. Modco will make you different from other stand providers. Thus, leaving a long-lasting impression on the attendees.

1. Impactful Design for Unforgettable Exhibits

Visualize how to change your exhibit encounter with our exciting new modular designs. Devloped to leave a lasting impact, this exhibition solution uses innovative design features to generate a sound product. Also providing easy functionality. Whether you are displaying products, interacting with guests, or conducting presentations. Modco ensures your brand presence makes a lasting impact. Therefore, lives in the minds of attendees well beyond the event.

2. Custom Graphics: Tell Your Brand Story with Precision

It carefully selects and utilizes custom-created graphics to actively tell the story of your brand. Thus, creating visuals that are customized according to your needs. So that they capture exactly what you want people to understand. About who your brand is, what it stands for, and its message, effectively. Regardless of whether you aim to showcase products, celebrate accomplishments, or reinforce your USPs. Modco caters to every trade show and exhibition ensuring that your brand presence remains impactful and engaging.

3. Modular Components: Adapt to Any Floor Plan

Flexibility is your advantage of using modular components. You also can benefit from the versatility provided by our Modco modular display kit. With the inherent capacity to seamlessly adjust your exhibit to fit any floor plan size or layout whatsoever. Be this in terms of scale or layout. Regardless of whether it’s a corner booth, inline space, or island display. Modco ensures that the presence of your company is always entertaining. And memorable regardless of the exhibition venue.

4. Durable Construction: Built to Withstand the Rigors of Events

Our displays are built with strong and durable materials. That can withstand the pressures of event requirements. It offers long-term durability, from frequent setups to high-traffic environments. Allowing for peace of mind while maintaining sophistication. Reliability with Modco is not only a guarantee. But one of the foundations of your exhibition’s success.

5. Compact and Portable: Easy Transport and Storage

The modular displays are manufactured for portability. As a result, its compact size, easy transport capabilities, and streamlined style will end logistics worries about transportation and storage. It is thus designed to meet all your demands as a user from convenience. Freeing you to concentrate on your event itself. Take your exhibition anywhere with Modco. Set it up with ease as you travel wherever your business takes you.

Elevate Your Exhibitor Experience with Modco Modular Display 4

The Modco Modular Display 4 with its advanced exhibiting technology promises a new type of exhibiting service. With seamless installation it not only stands out. But also defines a new meaning of what is fashionable during trade shows and exhibitions. Modco gives exhibitors both customizable options. Thus, ensuring the display lives up to all expectations and durable construction that makes assembly effortless. As a result, enabling them to leave a lasting impression and achieve objectives without any problems.

1. All-In-One Display Solution: Graphic Package Included.

With our modular displays, whatever you need for an exceptional display platform, has been provided. Our package includes premium graphics that have been tailored to align with your brand. Therefore, ensuring perfect alignment of interests from the outset. Modco streamlines the exhibiting process. Whether it is concept or production, it makes it possible for you to devote all your attention to delivering an impact while we take care of the details.

2. Transformative Design: Create Memorable Impressions

Feel the difference of our modular display booths. Designed to create a lasting impression. This exhibits solution overcomes the standards associated with the traditional displays. By providing a far much better display that is visually appealing and memorable. Raise your brand to new heights and ensure engagement with a design. That is more than just aesthetics, impressing at every trade show and exhibition.

3. Tailored Branding: Graphics Designed to Your Specifications

With custom-designed graphics tailored to your specific needs. It guarantees that your brand stands out. Through our design team, we collaborate with you and bring a visual identity. Thus, carrying your brand message in such a way that resonates perfectly with the attendees. The graphics will always create an impact on the audience of your brand. By enhancing your exhibit with uniquely crafted graphics that reflect our brand identity.

4. Quick Setup: Streamline Your Pre-Show Preparation

Our modular display booths aims to operate efficiently. So to make your pre-show preparations a simpler process. The user-friendly design combined with an easy assembly. Makes setting up your exhibit a quick process that is free of any issues. Spend less time on your logistics and give your audience your attention. Thus, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free presence at every trade show and event.

5. Expandable Options: Grow Your Display with Your Business

It offers various expandable options to remodel your business. As time goes. Regardless of whether you are looking to extend your product offering or widen your market presence. Our modular system enables easy integration of extra parts and accessories. With Modco, future-proof your exhibit. Make sure with the help of using this system, your display will never be outdated. Also, reflecting the most up-to-date innovations in your business sector.

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*** WARRANTY *** Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty on Hardware

Features and Benefits:

  • Tool-free assembly ensuring less items to transport and chance misplacing.
  • Perforations will be covered for a flawless look
  • Heavy duty aluminum extrusion frame
  • Graphics SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) are attractive with no perimeter distortion.
  • Display can be adapted to your needs and spatial constraints.

Graphic Design Services: We offer graphic design services please call for a quote

Package Includes:

  • 3-D SEG Printed graphics
  • Aluminum Extrusion Frame
  • Connectors
  • Wooden crate

Setting up art files Click here for Artwork Instructions

Artwork Template Artwork Template for Modco Kit 4
Setup Instructions Set-up Instructions for Modco Kit 4
SpecificationsModco Kit 4 - Spec Sheet


  • Assembled Dimension: 234.375"W  x 97.9"H x 117.5"D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 102"L x 49.5"W x 44.5"H 
  • Shipping Weight: 1035 lbs (total)
  • Aluminum frame 
  • 95" door 
  • Back wall shelving 

Graphic Specifications:

  • Graphic Material: Dye sublimated 
  • Print Turn Time: 3 - 5 business days after proof approval
  • Next day print is available
  • Rush orders must submit print ready art by noon
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