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Convert Low Resolution Images to Vector Images

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Convert Low Resolution Pixilated Fuzzy Images to Sharp Vector Images That Can Be Enlarged to Any Size!

We take your poor quality images and convert them manually to vector art. We can provide and receive any format. Converting to vector graphics enable you to take an image or logo from your website and have it printed on large banners, trade show booths, light box signs and countless other displays and signs. Vector images can be scaled up to unlimited sizes and maintain the images crisp, clear and sharp quality. Logo's and marketing materials represent your business, a vector image looks clean and professional and helps you look your best!

The vectorization process, also known as tracing, can be done by hand or by a computer program. Once you converted your bitmap images in vector images you may use them as many times as you need to print copies of your banners, signs, posters, and for embroidering your company logo on clothes.

What is the Difference Between a Bitmap Image and a Vector Image?

Bitmap image is little squares of colors called pixels, arranged in a grid. Vector image is is shapes, like circles and squares and the color is filled evenly within the shape area. The main advantage of vector images is they don't become blurry when enlarged. We all know the unpleasant look of bitmap images when enlarged - fuzzy, blurry and you actually can see the dots, this results in a very poor quality printed graphic.

When Do You Need a Vector Image?

Anytime you need really good quality pictures and graphics suitable to be printed on any type of material with any printing method. For best results it is suggested and sometimes required to use vector graphics for large format printing such a banners, booths, sign and posters, Most special printing processes require vector art, for example screen printing, flex printing, and heat transfer printing. Also single color projects such as flags, tents, tables covers, flyers, promotional products and a variety of other types of 1, 2 and 3 color print projects. All Embroidery must have vector are for stitching on clothes and hats. Logo's and marketing materials represent your business, a vector image looks clean and professional and helps you look your best!

Vector Image File Formats

  • EPS or Encapsulated Post Script from Adobe is one of the most popular vector image file formats. Used especially for transferring files between various graphics applications.
  • AI: The native file format of Adobe Illustrator and a variation of the Adobe Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format.
  • PDF: Portable Document Format from Adobe is also a very good vector image and it works with any program that is capable to print.
  • CDR: The native format of CorelDraw
  • There are many more vector image formats, like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or DXF, Drawing exchange Format, a CAD format from Autodesk.

Bitmap / Raster Image File Formats

There are a lot of bitmap images file formats, each having different features. JPEG images, one of the most wildly use image format, has very good compression characteristics, but doesn't store a perfect replica of the picture. It's used a lot to store pictures when accurate details are not important and on the web, to save bandwidth. However, this type of format is not recommended if you want to convert the image from bitmap image to vector image. Other bitmap formats are PNG, BMP or TIFF- they store the image pixel by pixel and are recommended if you want to convert to vector image.

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